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  1. is it possible to store lightbulbinside the luchbox without refueling it>?
  2. instead of fungal truf you can make it so it has to be on fungal truf. also you can make it so you can simply dig light flowers up. i think you should make it so you can also simple just plant loght bulbs and create them.
  3. can you make it so you can also sleep with rabbits?
  4. i really like this mod, but you can always put the slots in groups for more organiszation. sort of like the inventory slots. So have gruops of 9 by 9. also since its a cellar you can reduce the spoil just by alittle bit.
  5. i thnik it would be very nice if you could also harvest the honey along with the fish. however if you do this then the fish will stop reprodicing for a period of time.
  6. hey, i have an idea for this mod. So of all the suff he has inside, why don't you have everything inside a chest format. for instance since he has a ice box, have a little ice box section of 9 by 9. Then make it be able to store stuff (there's an chest inseide there) also be able to have gear. it should have slots desinated for specific items like the lantern or spear. like once its built, you can open the house /chest and take out the log suit or weapons for whatever. If the weapons or tools break, then yuo can put a new one inside. And the house should automatically light up whenever you get near because there is a lantern. you can take out the lantren however then the house will stop lighting up. i think you should also include a crock pot inside. so its now a house with a sortage system, tent, crockpot system, icebox, and with designated items inside.
  7. i think there should be 3 stages of the 'young beefalo' Baby stage: this is only like 3 days and the baby follows you around. Right now it is scared of everything and it will run away from any agresive mobs. you need to manually feed it and it will not eat grass. its will also need food or it will die. does not poop very often on death will drop 5 morsels Teen stage: This stage is 5 days. Now it will finally fight and it required less food and will eat grass if found. (keep away from grass farm!) it does nto have any natural enemies and will only attack if commanded. it is as strong as a normal beefalo. it will now poop like normal beefalo. on death it will drop 3 morsels 3 meat. Adult stage:This stage will last 3 days and then it will leave you. It is stronger than a normal beefalo with more health. its is still a nuetral mob and will only attack if commanded to. It will poop very often and does not need any feeding. On death it will drop 8 meat. and a 20% chance of another baby beefalo horn. it will eat grass on the the ground naturaly. I think the food should just be cut grass because if you watch other beefalo carefully the grass on the grass.
  8. for level 3 and 4 you should use gems. for level 3 you can you blue and red gems and for level for you can use purple or other rare ones. for level 2 you can use gold or other type of rare for instance pig skin, or tentacle spots. for level one just use basic items like grass or twigs and logs. also for level 4 you can also add deerclops eyeball or sncient gaurdian just for fun or to make it harder.
  9. i think that when you walk on spider web turf thingy, they should come out, but not aggro. So that way you could befriend them
  10. need an old tent mod

  11. i like everything except for the hunger, is there anyway to turn it off?
  12. does anyone know how to start threads or post? cuz i've been active for a while now and still don't know. i can't ask people because i can't start a post. so if you could tell me thanks. does anyone know how to start threads or post? cuz i've been active for a while now and still don't know. i can't ask people because i can't start a post. so if you could tell me thanks.