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  1. Thank you for the respond,,ill go try it now
  2. hello i just wanted to say that when i plant the grass the alignments are not good at all some goes wider space and some are not,,some goes vertically when i want it to be a straight line pls fix it, i really am a fan of this mod..and its great
  3. what are the recipes to brew tea??
  4. oh sorry didn't realize that the configuration is inside the mods menu thank you for the image so i can see it
  5. can this be played in dont starve v1.102572??? i cant see the options should i click something first
  6. hello the slots of bags doesn't change in RoG still 20 slots....
  7. can you post the previous version where the trashbin dont follow you???i like it better thanks
  8. well i already fixed the problem so yeah thanks for the response.....
  9. i just tried your mod only no other mods and it still crash,,1.96692 is the version im using
  10. ahmm this is my update dont starve version (1.96692) whats the new update version??? thats what im using now and and the version where the problem occur..