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Love That Old Monkey!

Waldo's father has passed and Wilson can't bare to part with him

So he's decided to make a lantern with his skull!

Craftable under the light tab

1 firefly 2 gold nuggets 1 hammer

lantern fueled with fireflies or light bulb

Cool new graphics! Thanks Blackbow!

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I loved this mod.  ^^    I have a suggestion and a glitch though!


First of all the glitch.   


When you are killed, don't ask me why as this has nothing to do with dying/revival, but there is a glitch where it kick you out of the game.  Go back into the game and you continue at your last auto-save.


I'm pretty sure it was this mod as I have every other mod I was using still enabled and have not had the problem since I disabled this mod.


Another thing would be maybe making it harder to craft?   I love it, but it is easier to craft than the mining helmet.  Maybe require nightmare fuel as it is a skull?     (Dunno just trying to help.)

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