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edit :

As you know, 'Don't Starve' is full of legends and old stories, one day a pig talked to me about an old house in the middle of a dark forest. He said, "if you find it, be careful! The house is haunted, a witch is prowling around and she can control evil monsters!"
It's pretty hard to believe that anyone would be brave enough to turn off their lights when coming close too the pig house!
The only way too know if this stupid pig is right, will be to travel by yourself through  many lands in search of this mysterious haunted house.
Good luck!

this mod is made for the klei halloween mod challenge.
keep in mind the mod is still work in progress, many glitch/bugs are still present.
please be lenient with us, we had only short period to make this mod.
we got many issues with spriter (animation tools) and still got some...
but we keep working hard to fix it.
"clickable area to go sleep is not aligned with the door, click on right low side of the door to go sleep."

This mod make spawn one haunted house somewhere on the map.
when you found the haunted house you will have to fight some mobs before beeing able to sleep inside.
when the night come you can finally sleep inside, atm the house work like a tent. you cant visit inside of the house !!!
at the morning your reward will spawn front of the house.
the reward is a witch hat with speed and armor bonus.

till the mod is in work in progress state, you can craft the haunted house via structures tab.

knowed bugs and things we have to fix:
- on craftable version of house spider egg spawn at wrong place and is unreachable with melee weapon, time to fix this use ranged weapons like fire staff or boomerang trop break the egg. this bug don't affect the random house spawned randomly on map.
- because this mod is based on wilson's house mod, shape of house is wrong and you can still pass though walls, and we still feel the circle shape of wilson's house.
- the clickable area to go sleep is not aligned with the door, time to fix this to be abble to go sleep in house click on right low side of the door.
- on mini map haunted house have the fridge icon.
- sometimes a merm is spawning instead of spider egg.

planing change :
- add a wizard hat
- add a broom
- animate evil face of the house

coding and animation : Afro1967
graphic artist : Blackbow

big thx to klei comunity, cheerio, TheDanaAddams, Malacath ...


yeah finally !!!! =)
first of all guys if you find the house be ready for hard fights
second we had tons of problem and no luck trying to make this cursed mod 
(broken my wacom tablet ,spriter bugs...)so there is maybe some glitch and we are sry for that we gonna try to fix it later.
also big thx to afro , to klei comunity, cheerio, TheDanaAddams, Malacath ...



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I'm more interested on the Witch Hat. Is that the reward your talking about on your MOD? I hope we can have some info about the rewards.

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@ Teoss69 : like for the wilson's house everybody ask us if there is interior.

no i'm sorry there is no interior, but i think about form a group of people to make it possible, but that will need lot of work and time.


@ Gummie : i'm working on new description, new screen... the thing is i would keep a part of mystery around the reward to tempt people to use the mod.

but yes the reward is the witch hat but shhhhhh ;)

edit : a craftable wizard hat should be added in future

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Witch you say? (I have a Halloween Challenge mod with a witch as well.)


yeah i saw your witch and your "waverly be witched" mod

you did rly an amazing job their dude =)


i guess you had in mind to mix our mod with your witch , but it's a bit late now for halloween

and i think in close future we will have to rebuild all our mod to fix some bugs with spriter =p

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when will this mod be updated?

and can i find a haunted house on an existing world?



about update to be honnest i cant rly say ... don't rly have the time to work on it atm =/

and no you cant find the house on existing world

that's why u still can craft it ... or you will have to generate a new world.

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