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  1. Godly Fire - Infinite

    Sounds like this needs a pretty small map. Large maps would be a big problem if every fire you lit never went out! Unless you can easily locate them on the map
  2. (abandoned) Always On Status

    This only works with ROG, not the Basic game?
  3. Goku's JinDoWin

    See if there is a file in the mod files that you can edit and change the key setting
  4. Monkey Skull Lantern

    Wow that looks cool! Adding to game! nice job!
  5. Fish Farm

    What about the base game? No spring or autumn... you should make slurtle slime in the spring or autumn so basic game players can harvest some kind of food in the winter!
  6. Ящик (RUS)

    Sounds cool, it adds a 16 slot box? You can place it anywhere? Is it in the build menu like the Chest?? Can you supply some more info on it? Звучит здорово, это добавляет окно 16 слота? Вы можете разместить его в любом месте? Есть ли в меню сборки, как сундук ?? Вы можете поставить еще некоторую информацию о нем?
  7. Clearly most people want the option. I had tried this game at a friends once, and would not buy it because I dont have a lot of time to play, and having to keep restarting was just much too repetitious for me. This game has a goal, and having to play it over and over God knows how many times times to get to the end is ridiculous. Especially if you have taken so much time to create multiple bases, explore caves, getting everything perfect, then WHAM! Its all gone??? Talk about loss of motivation to want to go through all of that again, knowing it can happen again and again. Regardless of the Devs idea and what they want this game to be, many people will not touch it because they dont want all their work and effort to be just deleted, I think that is terrible, and I think a lot of people who have been gamers for a long time would agree. If the people want it and its not there, Kleie is not going to sell them the game. When you consider that 99% of the games out there allow you to return and finish the game, I think most people need that assurance before committing themselves to playing. I know I do, I only bought the game after learning there were mods that keep you from having your game files deleted on death. I was not aware of the methods of getting around it, or I might have bought it sooner. I think if other very popular games had this same mechanic, they would not have been very popular!! But the fact remains, the vast majority of gamers have expectations about a game, and having your game files deleted is not one them. Please offer the option!
  8. Longer days

    why do you have so many files? which ones do i download? Ahh - nevermind - I used the 1.3