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Are you tired of having to go to the ruins again and again just to learn a recipe from the ancient tab? Now this mod allows you to build an ancient altar wherever you want! It is craftable by the shadow manipulator.

Recipe cost: Thulecite:10, Nightmare fuel:5, Purple gem: 3

Report me any issues.

Thanks to:

GraySloth for the help he did.

What's New in Version 1.1   See changelog


  • 1.1 - Much fixes where made:
  • A placer
  • An icon
  • Fixed mod icon
  • Now building it makes a lightning strike!

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Tried using this mod with a pre-existing game, but could not find it in the prototypes for the Shadow Manipulator. 

I've started a new game instead but it will take me some time to get to where I was. That said, do you think it'll work if I hammer down my SM and build it again? Should "refresh" the prefab I would think... meh I'll give it a try later.

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Ok so I fixed the problem above (it was a file directory issue with the mod files) but now there's a new problem. I built the altar outside my camp, after struggling for almost 2 weeks in-game to collect the thulecite I needed (on top of dying once from the ******* nightmares). I go to make the Lazy Explorer Staff and the ingredients disappear from my inventory, but my character says "I can't do that" and nothing shows up! I used Ctrl-Alt-Del to restart the game without saving because I thought it may have been due to walking away from the station before the crafting was done but it happened again and I Ctrl-Alt-Del'ed again, this time rage-quitting. Seriously I went through literal hell to make this thing and not only does it not work but it eats the items like the orange gems. It's hard enough fighting through the ruins to get the stuff you need for the ancient items without also having to prototype them there, which is why you mad the mod to begin with I presume. SOMETHING is broken. I have no clue what. I can provide you some more details down the road. For now I'm forgoing this particular game in lieu of another character, since I downloaded the mod after my above game had already started.

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Sorry for earlier, I was raging a bit. I'm gonna try to make a new game with this mod and see if it works correctly. It's odd that no one else here has had this problem, but like I said it could have to do with the fact that I was playing a game that had started before the mod was installed. 

I also might take a look at the code, see if I can spot the problem somewhere.

As far as the first game is concerned, at least I've made it so that I can tell what items I need for what. That actually helps a lot. Given I'll still need to fight through a horde of worms, albino spiders, and demons from my character's worst nightmares to get to the real altar, but at least I'll be prepared with the items I need.


Note: May not even be a problem with the altar but a problem with the item instead, I have a mod that has edited staves and such so perhaps when I make the staff it's clashing with the other mod. I'll experiment with stuff and see if I can find out what's wrong. I know the real altar in the ruins is ok since I made thulecite and thulecite armor from that.

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