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  1. Good ol Chester

    you need to be on full moon
  2. Character - GOIO

    A glitch I found, other characters are able to eat the stuff whitch goio is able to eat.
  3. Camp Cuisine: Re-Lunched

    Perhaps you could make the butter cost 5 butterfly wings, because 5 petals = 5 health, but a stick of butter gives 40 health, and since 5 wings give 40 health and butter comes from butterflies, the recipe will make more sense like this.
  4. Natsu the fiery Dragonfly !

    I think it would be nice to make him that he needs a dragonfly scale to summon him.
  5. Summons

    I mean that you can switch between a normal and a silk beard when playing as him.
  6. Summons

    Can you make the beard switchable for webber?
  7. Fish Farm

    Man I was waiting for this mod thanks a lot to come here for standalone THANKS A LOT!
  8. Damage Indicators

    Great mod!
  9. Koalefanta Proboscidea

    What are the drops of the secret(maybe) albino koalefant?
  10. Better Krampus

    Is he slower? Because most bosses(except ancient guard) are slow.