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Found 10 results

  1. Version v7.0DLC


    ¡Buen día a todos! El Juego Base está traducido al 100%. Este mod también incluye la traducción del DLC - Reign of Giants que está traducido al 100%. Si aún no adquieres el DLC, no te preocupes, esta traducción también es compatible con el juego base, el cual ya está traducido al 100%. Incluso te recomiendo que, aunque no tengas el DLC, instales esta versión más reciente pues corrige algunos errores de versiones previas. Para instalar la traducción, sigue pasos que se indican más abajo. ___________________________________________________________ Después de varias semanas de arduo trabajo, aquí está la traducción completa de Don't Starve. Incluye la traducción de todas las actualizaciones del juego, incluso el nuevo DLC - Reign of Giants. También puedes encontrarla en el Workshop de Steam, sólo da click aquí o copia y pega el siguiente enlace: He intentado utilizar en todas las líneas un Español "Neutro" para que puedan utilizarlo tanto Latinoamericanos como Europeos Hispanohablantes. Cualquier irregularidad en la traducción, siéntanse libres de hacérmelo saber. ____________________________________________________________ ¿Cómo instalo la traducción? 1. Descarga el Archivo adjunto llamado «Traducción al Español v7.0DLC». 2. Extrae la carpeta llamada «spanishv7.0DLC» del archivo .rar. 3. Copia la carpeta que se extrajo del archivo .rar dentro de la carpeta mods que se encuentra donde instalaste el juego. En el caso de Don't Starve adquirido a través de Steam, la carpeta mods se encuentra en la siguiente dirección: C:Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\dont_starve\mods 4. Abre el Juego y da clic en el botón Mods desde el menú principal. 5. Busca el mod en la lista titulado: «Traducción al Epañol» y dale un clic para activarlo. 6. Presiona «Apply», el juego se congelará unos segundos y después regresará al menú principal del juego. ¡Listo, tu juego ya debe estar traducido!
  2. Version 1.0


    This mod demonstrates how to set up a language pack to be compatible with the mod system and with Steam Workshop. Language packs distributed this way will be easier to everyone to install and update! For more information on creating a language pack, please read this thread.
  3. Version V 0.1


    This mod allows you to craft 4 statues: Ancient statue mage: 2 Thulecite , 2 Nightmare fuel and 1 green gem Ancient statue head: 2 Thulecite , 2 Nightmare fuel and 1 yellow gem Harp statue: 2 marble and 1 Nightmare fuel Maxwell statue: 2 marble and 2 Nightmare fuel You will need Shadow Manipulator to craft those. Please leave any suggestions in the comments. (It seems in the crafting tab there is no image of the statues,any idea how I can put one?)
  4. Version 1.2.4


    Warning: This Mod can be installing ONLY with Reign of Giants DLC Craft the Catcoon's House at your camp or wherever you want! You can build it in "Structures" tab by: 2 Rope 4 Logs 3 Beefalo's Wool 3 Fish 1 Cat Tail P.S. (contact me, if you want to see this in original version - for not-required DLC).
  5. Version 0.6.5


    Hunger - 130 Sanity - 120 Health - 50 High hunger rate. Extra benefits from eating Health improves over time with "healthy" lifestyle
  6. Version 2.0


    Creates recipe for a Hound backpack - inspired by Wolfe the original character. Wolfe was created by Amziezelt. credit to caves bag creator -tehMugwump for code guidelines Recipe' 10x houndstooth 20x twigs 20x monstermeat dried **New** For more of a challenge, try the new hound bag that only has 8 slots. Same requirements but could change if suggested Will add compatible code to hounded lua change made to Wolfe so that pack also makes hounds not attack other characters wearing
  7. Version 1.1


    Are you tired of having to go to the ruins again and again just to learn a recipe from the ancient tab? Now this mod allows you to build an ancient altar wherever you want! It is craftable by the shadow manipulator. Recipe cost: Thulecite:10, Nightmare fuel:5, Purple gem: 3 Report me any issues. Thanks to: GraySloth for the help he did.
  8. Version 1.0.1


    As my first ever mod, I bring you... Hed! The Bodyless Horseman! Long since his last breath, he roams the world, inducing fear into those who cross his path. Hed, even though now simply a ghost, believes that he is still alive, and as he goes more and more insane, you will see certain changes in the way he looks. Description: Hed is, for the most part, weak when on high sanity. He has lower hunger, speed, and damage. What makes up for these hinderances is that his followers will be much more loyal, and quite a bit tougher. As Hed goes more and more crazy, he will also become stronger, and faster. Mechanics: Stats: Health: 133 Starting health: 100 Hunger: 133/166/200* Starting hunger: 100 Sanity: 133 Starting Sanity: 100 Speed: 85%/100%/115%* Damage: 50%/75%/100%* Perks: Highly resistant to the undead - Takes 10% damage from ghosts. Comforted by the dead - Sanity is unaffected by ghosts, and gains slight sanity when near headstones or skeletons. Stronger, restless minions - Followers ( pigmen, bunnymen, and rock lobsters) deal double damage, and do not sleep while friendly towards Hed. Additional Information: Many of Hed's attributes are affected by his sanity. When his sanity is 66 or greater, he keeps his default stats (first ones stated) and remains in his bodyless form. When his sanity drops below 66, he will acquire a ghostly body, and gain the secondary stats. And lastly, if his sanity goes below 33, the final stats will be gained. ---------------------------------------- And that's about it! Special thanks to everyone who helped me along the way. Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy!
  9. Version 0.1.5


    This is the start of a realism mod to allow players to burn almost everything that is logically burnable. You can also find this under the steam workshop. Burnables Current Bugs: Let me know what items I'm missing and I'll update the mod to account for it! Toss me an email at weberag[at], comment on here, or post on the forums!
  10. 2566 downloads

    Enables every character to craft and read books. I thought that this "Books" tab is way too powerful and unique to belong to only one character, so I created this little mod to even the odd between Wickerbottom and some characters neglected in a new update (mainly Wilson). Note: It overwrites game's character prefabs, so any additional custom characters won't have "books" tab and it might conflict with other mods overriding character files. UPD: Thanks to kiopho - now the mod does not override any of character files. Installation: 1. Drop and unpack zip archive in your ***SteamSteamAppscommondont_starvemods directory 2. Enter the game and in mods list enable "Books mod" 3. Enjoy your new powers Mod is highly experimental and I did it mostly for my own fun. If you have any questions or problems - you can PM me of leave a comment describing problem. I'll try to look into it as soon as I can. Version History: (28.07.2013) Update: Upgraded to work with Hunger version of the game (06.08.2013) Update: Fixed "Third science and magic tier recipes for Tentacle and Lightning books (06.09.2013) Update: Mod now should work with Stuff of Nightmares. Most recent: (03.10.2013) Update: Checked for compatibility with latest update.