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A version for Don't Starve Together now exists and can be downloaded via the steam page:


Seras Victoria, The Fledgling Vampire

"Seras was a member of the D11 elite police response unit, until she was mortally wounded by Alucard in his destruction of a vampire masquerading as a priest. On the verge of death, she chose to allow Alucard to turn her into a vampire. Serving beneath Alucard, she now works for the Hellsing Organization and deals with the consequences of her decision."

Project background and goal

I've always liked Seras character from the Hellsing Anime, and in a game like Don't Starve where all characters seem to be going off the edge in one way or another, Seras as a reluctant human-turned-blood-sucking-monster seemed oddly fitting. I will focus on making Seras fun to play more than "balanced", with this meaning that playing Seras should be a different experience from playing other characters in don't starve. Playing her meant to be challenging in its own way.


Health: 260/60*

Stomach: 150

Sanity: 120

Damage: x2.1/x0.4*

*highest at night when full, lowest at day while starved.


Green = Working feature

Yellow = Partially implemented/semi-working

Red = Not implemented

  • Power changes day/night & full/starved.
  • Character model changes depending on power (5 models)
  • Regenerate hp at night (when not starved).
  • Night vision.
  • Sanity loss while starved.
  • Cold resistant (insulation).
  • Affected by full moon.
  • Can only eat meat-type items. Partially meaty food such as meatballs have reduced effect.
  • Takes no damage eating monster meat, but still loses sanity
  • Unique speech text.
  • Unique craftables.
  • Tweaking, polishing and extra testing.


The mod is in a stable state.

Tips and tricks

General survival

1. Seras is very weak during the day, especially when hungry. Avoid all confrontation with enemies when possible during the day. Even a few frogs can be dangerous to a starved Seras during the day.

2. Seras has night vision and she is extremely strong during the night as long as she is above 60 hunger. You can use this time to kill spiders, beefalo, werepigs and other dangerous opponents with relative ease.

3. Caves are considered constant night, and since Seras excels at nightly adventures you should not hesitate to explore the lands underground.

4. Seras unique weapon is quite affordable and has the same power as a tentacle spike it drains Seras own health when used. Using it during the day or when starved is not recommended

5. You may want to sleep through the full moon.

Dealing with hunger and health

1. Seras cannot eat non-meat food, but this does not stop you from using this food as bait for tasty animals. It is a good idea to create a large number of traps with bait near rabbit holes to get a stable source of meat early on.

2. Seras does not take health damage from eating damaging food. This means that spiders and the like are a passable source of meat. When you can create monster jerky and have some sanity improving clothes you can use monsters as your primary source of food.

3. If Seras stomach is filled above 145 she will become somewhat more powerful but drain hunger quickly until she goes below 130. She drains hunger even faster during the day while in this state. An advantage is that she will slowly regenerate health during the evening and night while in this state.

4. Seras slowly regenerates health at night while above 60 hunger. Since caves are considered constant night you can use caves to get your health up when no other health restoration is available.

5. When cooking try to stick to cooking "meaty" recipes such as Meaty Stew, Honey Ham, Bacon & Eggs with the crock pot. Less meaty recipes have reduced effect on Seras.

Version History

Version v1.0

This is the first public version

Version v1.1

  • Fixed head not showing when wearing a hat.
  • Tweaked hunger (reduced to be less difficult)
  • Fixed a minor texture error.
  • Changed some speech lines.

Version v1.2

  • Completed speech text.

Version v1.3

  • Major visual upgrade

Version v1.4

  • New portrait for character selection
  • Less meaty Crock pot recipes have been rebalanced to better suit Seras being a carnivore.

Version v1.5

  • New portraits for selection & save slots
  • Now with better spelling!
  • Fixed portrait compression error that was effecting some players

Version v1.6

  • New blood-fuelled unique weapon

Version v1.7 (current, download via Klei)

  • Added 5 new character appearances dependant on power
  • Rebalanced hunger
  • Increased night vision radius
  • Added full moon effect.

Special Thanks to:





You guys helped make this mod possible! :-)

Forum Topic


What's New in Version 1.7   See changelog


  • New blood-fuelled unique weapon
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Hallo, first of all i want to say that i really like this character, it's really good; i also liked your humor in writing some sentences (Mc Hammer op!)
Now, i think there is a bug with monster meat (raw cooked and dried) because when i eat that, i still take the damage but here i read that i shouldn't. Is it intended or needs a fix? Also, while examinating red birds, she says "they sings beautifully" that last "s" in "sings" is an error i guess
This said, i hope i didn't bother you and that you will read. Keep in updating, i'll always download this :D

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Please Update the character, it sems she need the new template "Power of 2" or something like that to fix the missing pictures.

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I wasn't really planning to, but if there is a great interest in one I guess I could create an Alucard character.


Definitely looking forward to playing as Alucard, not to mention that he would be a nice fit to the game concept of being dark/creepy.

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