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This is the beta version of my Don't Starve character mod, Woad the Flowerchild.

Woad is intended to be a moderately challenging character. I'm still considering this mod to be in beta (in case of bugs etc.,) but I'm fairly happy with how it plays.


Woad is a vegan, but is known to make exceptions for sweets. She also doesn't mind old food.

Woad is a pacifist, and is a bit weak if she has to fight. She hates seeing animals and trees killed.

Woad distrusts science, but is comfortable in nature.

Woad really loves flowers!


Hunger: 100

Health: 100

Sanity: 120

Damage: -33%

Calories burned: +33%

Negative aura sanity loss: -50%

Night sanity loss: -33%

Woad will only eat veggies, seeds, and certain meals from the crockpot.

Woad's bleeding heart will hurt her sanity, and sometimes health, when she kills things, or even witnesses something getting killed. She will also lose sanity when trees are destroyed.

Flowers have a small sanity aura for Woad, however picking them will give slightly less sanity than normal. Woad even loves evil flowers, gaining a bit less sanity from them than regular flowers. Planting flowers (butterflies) and pinecones will give a small sanity boost.

Science machines have a negative sanity aura for Woad, and learning things will actually drop her sanity a bit.

When resurrected Woad's maximum health is reduced by 20.

Some items have a different dapperness for Woad. Of note the garland gives much more dapperness, and most weapons give a negative to her dapperness.

Woad refuses to wear shoes! Therefore she has less Winter insulation, but stays cooler in the Summer.

Disclaimer: The animation is adapted from Wendy's animations. The code is built on Ipsquiggle's template character. I borrowed several bits of code from VoidPointer's Whimsy the Goth character.

Intro video:

Possible to do:

More speech strings.

Clean up some artwork.


What's New in Version 0.9.1   See changelog


  • Fixxed a bug with the murder action.
  • Woad will now freeze in classic Don't Starve.

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Sounds like just about everything drops her sanity except a small plus around flowers. Is she intended to be harder than Wes?

Also weak + faster hunger rate? Does she have any perks?

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Yes she is intended to be a step above Wes in difficulty.


I think I'll try her out! Sounds like Coraline, but instead of just steadily losing sanity, you lose it by going near things.

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Hi everyone im kinda a noob in this things so could you please tell me how i install this mod? because when i try it the game says it crashed everytime

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@AtomicK- You should just need to download the latest version, unzip it, and put the 'woad' folder into your 'dont_starve/mods' folder. If you've done all that correctly there might be a problem with my mod.

What version of the game are you using? I only have the game and Reign of Giants from steam, so I can't test it with other versions.

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One question, how could I put it begins to regenerate when hunger has 100 5 HP every 5 seconds and finished 95 regenerated when you starve?

I would like to add this feature to my character but only managed to regenerate all the time.

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