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  1. It does look like an interesting character concept and it's also well drawn, good job ^.^ I was wondering, what kind of bonuses do player get by exploring? And how to get thoose bonuses (like "opening" the map, standing close to specific things)?
  2. Ok went back to work today and added sanity regeneration while close to fire adding theese lines of code Edit: the rain damage for the basic game and RoG dlc changes: should i make it for the basic game or for RoG?
  3. After 2 hours of hard work i found out... that i can't get why it crashes on startup!!! I think i am gonna try to use the old version that i gave to you and work on it.
  4. I was very busy theese days, i'm gonna work on the mod as soon so possible, i'm sorry
  5. If it works for you, it's strange that it does not for me.
  6. Now the title is version 2.0 2.0 XD. Did you succeed in adding sanity while close to fire or it is still to do? Also, are there others special abilities that you want to do? Edit: the mod makes the game crash as i enable it, it happened to me too when i wrote a wrong string of code. Let's see what's wrong and fix it asap.
  7. The post has "version 1.0 2.0", i think you should fix this my friend Edit: i'm gonna try to remove the sparks and make him regain sanity while close to fire, sadly i suck at drawing so i can't help you with the selectscreen picture or else :/ if there are any other special abilities that you want to add, feel free to tell me and i will give it a try
  8. This crate model is much better than the past one, good job . Now a question: i was using your old crate mod and i have 2 crates in my world: if i remove the old mod and use this, do i lose the crates that i already have?
  9. So the plan is basically that we both work about the sanity regen while close to fire and the health loss during rain? I like it
  10. Here's the Willowson folder, here you can find the speech for when you light a fire because you are low on sanity (make sure NOT to delete or edit the willowfire file), here is the maximum sanity cap (i turned off the natural sanity regeneration), here's the fire immunity, and here and here's the igniting fires when insane.
  11. I succeded in setting the max sanity to 120, it's nice to know that the abilities are from the game, we can try to get some lines of code from there. I found out that Willowson has NO sound when he talks and it has the same look as Wilson. I think we should fix this ^^ Edit: fire immunity is also done, working for health loss during rain! Edit2: i am going to add a sound file but i need to know wich character should voice Willowson (hope i explained myself well), tell me it. Also, do you want sparkles to emit when Willowson gets damaged by rain? Or no sparkles should be emitted? Tell me this too please Edit3: i am having trouble in doing the rain damage, i'm going for the low sanity fire starting. Also i can't fix speech audio :/ Edit4: i love editing. Edit5: i found how to make Willowson light fires when insane and i am giving you the file of the mod asap
  12. I'm gonna try to work on the last 2 points of your list (fire immunity and lower sanity) and see if there are some dialog strings that i can actually write for you. I am really bad in arts so i can't draw the portrait and, if you tell me wich special abilities to use, i can try to make them real.
  13. So the idea is to make a Wilson that has similar skills as Willow ones? Anyway, if help is needed with the mod, i can try to help you.
  14. I really like this mod but i'd like to make some constructive criticism: not that i could do it better, but i think that the crate model is kinda flat. I mean, it is a 2 dimension item and looks a little bad in a 3 dimension world (my opinion). Do you think are you gonna work about it? As i said, this is just a little thing that i don't like, the mod is really cool