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About This File

Automate gathering resources!
G10MM-3R is a drone version of Glommer. Design inspired by Drones from Slime Rancher.
It can: 
- Pick up various inventory items (uncooked food and resources),
- Pick resources like Grass, Saplings, Berries, etc.
- Harvest Bee Boxes/Farms/Meat Racks (when configured),
- Hack resources like Tall Grass/Vine Bushes (when configured).

It will store all its items inside a modified Glommer Statue (dubbed "G10MM-3R Base").
It doesn't need any fuel - it will work until broken.

You can find its blueprint by mining the Glommer's Statue (or by defeating bosses in Shipwrecked/Hamlet). It's craftable on the very top of the "Science" Tab.

G10MM-3R on Steam:


This is a port of my DST mod. You can find it here:

What's New in Version 1.6   See changelog


- Recipes for RoG/SW/HAM now load correctly for each DLC;

- Ported configurable Harvest settings from the DST version (you can choose if G10MM-3R harvests items like Honey right away, or it should wait til Bee Boxes are half-full/full);
- Added move/hacking speed configuration.

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13 hours ago, MyKng said:

it would not stop crashing 


Could you post crash message/log file?

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the mod keeps crashing. i cant take a screenshot cause it doesnt show exit game, disable mods options and codes above those, it just sais not working and crashes 


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I mined the statue and it gave me the old bell blueprint, not the mod blueprint, is there any way to get it or I just lost the chance to make the drone?


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