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This is the download page for Domo's Don't Starve Character Creator tool.  It is a plugin for Adobe Flash, and requires that you have Adobe Extension Manager installed.  Instructions on its use can be found here.  Enjoy!

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hello, if you are still here can you help to use your plugin?

i installed AF CS 6, installed your plugin, started new flash file (default action script 3.0), opened DCC window, created new char in it and loaded, but all what i got is white dots on screen with names of body part in description. Something is definetly missed.


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Hey, @ViewtifulDom, I have a problem, I am trying to use your tool but every time I click the load button a random amount of instances appear and then this error occurs stopping the rest of the load process.

The following JavaScript error(s) occurred:

At line 178 of file "DSCC.jsfl":
TypeError: instance has no properties

If you could help me out that would be greatly appreciated!

Here is some info:

I am using Adobe Flash CS6, Action Script 3.0 with the player set to Flash Player 11.2.
I seen the post above said that they installed After Effects (?) so I did the same.

Thank you!

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