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About This File

Do you feel like some items are harder for you to get? Wouldn't you wish for an easier way to get them?

With this mod you can get rare items more often!


-ghost drops 5 nightmare fuel

-digging tree stumps will sometimes give you a living log

-beefalo wool is a rare rabbit drop but more common during winter.

-marble, red and blue gems can also be mined from rocks

-spider dens can give you spider eggs (the higher the tier, the higher the chance)

-pigs drop both meat and pigskin + gravedigger item chance

-hound's tooth can be dropped by spiders and tentacles.

-gobblers can give you an egg upon death

-tallbirds sometimes give a beard hair or an eyeball

-krampus always drops his sack when killed

-tentacle spikes and spots are more frequent

-birds drop both morsel and feather at the same time

-werepigs drop a tusk

-even chance for bees to drop honey or stingers

-mosquitos drop butter

-McTusk always drops his hat and tusk!

-Slurtles have higher chance to give their shellmet

-Bunnymen always give their tails

-lureplants have a chance to give an additional bulb


Just go to steam/steamapps/common/dont_starve/mods and place the folder located in the .rar

Once you've done that go to "modsettings" and type

ModManager:AddMod("Rare items")


1.0 First release.

1.1 Werepigs now drop a tusk and birds give morsel and feather at the same time.

2.0 Now bees have even chances to drop a honey or stinger

2.1 -mosquitos drop butter

-marble is a rare boulder drop

-McTusk always drops his hat and tusk!

-most important: compatibility instructions!

3.0 Sometimes pigs drop gravedigger items and increased chance for shellmet drop.

3.1 Bunnymen and cave spiders added.

3.2 Lureplant added.

4.0 Updated for the Powers update.

4.1 Orange and yellow gems in rocks.

Important addition!

Now includes compatibility instructions with Insta Rocks and Trees mod!

The modified files samples included for easier understanding or just to replace the originals.

New: added basic and more loot version replacement files.

Discuss this mod here

What's New in Version 08/14/13 05:29 AM   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.


User Feedback

Recommended Comments

IMO the only thing that is unneccessary in this mod:

-hound's tooth can be dropped by spiders and tentacles.

Plenty of them drops from the hounds already

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You should also add a way for gears to be more common, i need those damn ice boxes lol.

Darknight you should just get the craftable gears mod, its not that op considering the resources, and gears should be more affordable anyways :).

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does this mod still work for anyone? I found a bug that happens whenever i plant a sapling and it grows into a tree, my game crashes. i just hope this get fixed, alhough it might be just conflicting with my other mods

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Very good idea, but this mod always crashes after 2 or 3 minutes playing. Hope it will soon be fixed :)

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HMMM I'm From Poland and I don't know to talk English Powiem tyle NIEWIEM O CO CHODZI W TYM MODZIE!!!

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crashies every time a planted tree grows....apart from that, great mod! any way round this that you might know of??

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This is seriously one of the best mods out, if you would update this i would gladly send you any cookie of your choice Mr. or Ms. Infernal, thanks for your work! 

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For Anyone still using this mod and having a crash every time a Sapling grows, here is a quick fix:

1. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Don't Starve\mods\Rare items\scripts\prefabs and find the file evergreens

2. Open up evergreens with a text editor (I prefer Notepad++) and find the following: inst:ListenForEvent("growfromseed", handler_growfromseed )

3. Change inst:ListenForEvent("growfromseed", handler_growfromseed ) to inst.growfromseed = handler_growfromseed

4. Save the changes to the file.


This should make it stop crashing and still allow Living Logs to spawn from stomps.

Hope that helps. ^-^

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the eyeball thing is a bit overpower make it like....... 12% chance of droping just a little idea ok? thank you^^

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It caused growfromseed crash every time I gather pine cone, I didn't even try to plant it and it crashes right after a while

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