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  1. Don't Starve: More Maps

    Yeah sadly it crashes with rog :c
  2. Trading system

    Why can't they be placed near anything? I gotta put them far away from my base and i can't destroy the task board? Wat?
  3. Wolfgang Classic

    Aaaand what was the old wolfgang like o.O?
  4. Diggable Reeds [Live & Future] (w/ French Translation)

    Don't see why you need swamp land to grow it, it generates on other biomes too

    Maybe when you examine a seed he says "Its ought to be a watermelon" or wat ever is supposed to grow form it
  6. Mandrake Tree [DST]

    Neat, so this makes mandrakes and fireflies renewable?
  7. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

  8. I've made tutorials!

    The giants one is useful, i expected the dragonfly to take longer, its probably the hardest one. Btw you put the helmet first so the log suit takes more damage right?
  9. Webber Discussions,Fanart, and other!

    Ah, well thanks for explaining that
  10. Webber Discussions,Fanart, and other!

    So whats with Wendy and Webber? I see alot of people are putting them together.
  11. Webber Discussions,Fanart, and other!

    Webber's Cat and Webber's Dog
  12. Don't Starve Speedruns and Challenges

    Holy mother of god... Great job on them challenges, very entertaining