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--v1.2: Hunger update

--v1.1: Power update


@kiopho (helping me fix the anim files)

@_Q_ (this mod is kind of similar to one of his works, but he doesn't mindicon_e_biggrin.gif)


Now you can get more things from Pig King.

-If you give him meat, as usual, you may get a gold nugget, but if you are lucky enough you can get a red gem or a blue gem instead.

-If you give him a red gem, you will receive a blue gem, and for a blue one you will receive a red one.

-If you give him some useless "treasure" you dig up, you will only get one gold nugget. But you will have a higher possibility of receiving a red or blue gem, and you may even get a purple gem luckily.

-If you give him a purple gem, you will get amulet, panflute, papyrus, gunpowder, nightmarefuel, dragonpie, pigskin, cutgrass or even poop. Also, you have about 4% possibility to get a Nightsword EX or Armor Sanity EX, and both of them are cooler(I hope so) and stronger.


-Unpack files into mod directory.

-Open file "modsettings.lua" in mod folder and add line:


Please discuss this mod here:

What's New in Version 08/14/13 05:37 AM   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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