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  1. Glad to hear that~ ^.^ Also here are a few ideas for other map types: • Checker Board - Makes Islands that form biomes in a Checkerboard style (as in 2 or more biomes repeating a square pattern). • Donut - Makes a single, large island that circles around (kinda like Land Loop set to Always with Land Branch set to never), but the land reconnects at the 'ends' (forming a actual donut).
  2. I'm just wondering, but is there a regular Don't Starve/RoG version of this?
  3. I know, I was using it for a bit before I got my game updated. I prefer this one though because it looks prettier. ^-^"
  4. Translating (via Google Translate): Attention modification only Don't Starve Together This modification removes the restriction on the number of maximum players on your server. What's New in Version 1.0:• Writing code that overrides the maximum number of players on the server
  5. I was wondering, is there a way to make this mod interact with Weapons/Armor added by other mods? Cause I have a few mods that add some more mid-tier weapons and some very rare weapons and I kinda miss having some of the affects that I get from the vanilla tools (such as my Self-Repair Axe and my Wish-away Miner Hat). I mean, even knowing a code I could add in manually would be nice to know. ^-^"
  6. Version v1.1.1


    Very simple mod that just makes it where mushrooms will grow back faster after being picked. Mostly made it for myself seeing as there isn't anything that does this. So instead of having to wait for it to rain about 5 ~ 10 times, this mod makes it where you only have to wait for it 3 ~ 5 times. Also, sometimes Mushrooms will be giving some extra ticks (about a 5% chance) to which mushrooms can grow back sooner, and on rare occasions, the first night of rain. Should be good with both Base and RoG. This is my first mod, so please let me know if there is any issues.
  7. For Anyone still using this mod and having a crash every time a Sapling grows, here is a quick fix: 1. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Don't Starve\mods\Rare items\scripts\prefabs and find the file evergreens 2. Open up evergreens with a text editor (I prefer Notepad++) and find the following: inst:ListenForEvent("growfromseed", handler_growfromseed ) 3. Change inst:ListenForEvent("growfromseed", handler_growfromseed ) to inst.growfromseed = handler_growfromseed 4. Save the changes to the file. This should make it stop crashing and still allow Living Logs to spawn from stomps. Hope that helps. ^-^
  8. I know this mod is abit dated, but could you post a list of Potions/ How to get them? Namely the Legendary Potions (if they are still there). I saw them in the Screenshots, but can't seem to find them ingame.
  9. Could you add RoG support? Or if there is already, I don't know why, but my game won't run it (mod crashes on boot-up). Edit: Derp, Nvm. I was using an old version of the game. ^-^"