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This piece'a crap took nearly forever, and, in all honesty, i'm fuckin' excited for this ****s release. And who is the genius whom coded in literally all of War's functions? Why, that man is @DarkXero! This man had coded in an enormous amount of code and i honestly can't thank him enough. But onto its special abilities now!

War's pro's:

*War can not only continuously sail on water, but he creates waves during the process!
*War is able to literally go out of bounds (going too far may cause a crash, just sayin')
*War has the ability to trample over things, just like giants!
*War is able to devour everything and anything
*War is a living divining rod (press G to toggle that function)
*War never freezes nor burns
*War can't overheat nor get cold
*War has night-vision
*War doesn't get hurt and his health is literally gibberish
*War does not starve
*War does not lose sanity
*War does not inflict pain when it comes to small weaklings
*War does not flinch upon being hit by monkey ****
*War is not effected by spider webs
*War can literally kill the master on the throne
*War has a custom intro!
*War will be struck by lightning upon moving from world-to-world!
*War is a killing machine
*Custom Maxwell intros for all 6 chapters!
*War's ability to become a living divining rod will automatically trigger in adventure mode
*War has 3 extra inventory slots

War's con's:

*War cannot equip any items
*War will inflict pain upon being hit by Giants
*Upon throne death, the world gets immensely ****** up
*War does not speak
*War can't sleep, similarly to Wickerbottom
*War can't use items for anything but to eat them
*Upon throne death, War will be constantly hunt down by them
*War has seen some ****

I guess you could say that this fag has 2 purposes. 1. it makes life easier for those whom suck at don't starve. e.g. me. 2. its coding could be used for those whom aren't so skilled at coding when makin' a mod i guess.

But again, i cannot thank @DarkXero enough. What makes me even more thankful is how all of these functions were done by him and only him. i'm not even exaggerating. i was surprised and baffled how he had the patience to stay by my side with this mod from beginning to end. i genuinely am honored to have been able to work with this man, and i really wish to make this man about as happy as i. so please, give this man some recognition and some praise by following him. please, i beg of you.

P.S. special thanks to Deeyadee. please go watch her through deviantart for doing War's banner in the bigportrait file:


What's New in Version 1.0.0   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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