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  1. 13709569_1323235307705434_187065710_o.jpg

    yeah, something ironic 'bout this lil' post i'm doing here is that it's more of a goodbye messages then it is an "I'm back" message. reason being that i don't give 2 ****s to stay here any longer. 'twas fun whilst i'd stayed, but all imma say is that you're all dungheads and i love y'all. goodbye and goodday, my fags.

  2. ******* quality **** from the bunghole you all know and hate, Gamertron. here, we'll be seeing a beautiful, magnificent, exquisite fuckin' image of this man supposedly reporting me for asking him to stop harassing y'all:


    fuckin' amazing, isn't it? this fag just ceases to impress me with his bowl of crap.

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    2. PhelsarusBeel


      Warning strong language ahead but I fell like this is more fitting then ever before.


      Guess most of us made the right call in stopping to care about him.

    3. G


      one things for sure, i felt like drowning myself everytime i'd spent another second with him, so yeah, this is perfectos.


    4. JoeW


      This kind of behavior is not tolerated here. 


  3. a relly gud photo of me on my knees next to my little hand drawn cock on sand. the thing actually took effort:

    cock boy.jpg

  4. for all the dip****s whom know about my newest mod (aka War's Zone), I intended on making a lil' easter egg for'em for any player who was actually able to kill War. that being where War would do an immensely disturbing and loud screech upon death, alongside him showing an unsettling face whilst dying. the audio hadn't been made, but his face was still in progress. at one point, i just decided that the guy will just convey no emotion but one. plus, his face was non-existent when testing him in-game, thus, i just made it so that his face was in the headbase file. but yeah, here's the quality ****e for ya's:


    1. Mobbstar


      a-are those teeth?

    2. G


      really sexy one's, i know.

  5. for all the fans of football:

  6. relly gud custom made keychain:


    1. Asparagus


      ahahahha, that's adorable XD

  7. Version 1.0.0


    IT'S FINALLY HAPPENED. This piece'a crap took nearly forever, and, in all honesty, i'm fuckin' excited for this ****s release. And who is the genius whom coded in literally all of War's functions? Why, that man is @DarkXero! This man had coded in an enormous amount of code and i honestly can't thank him enough. But onto its special abilities now! War's pro's: *War can not only continuously sail on water, but he creates waves during the process! *War is able to literally go out of bounds (going too far may cause a crash, just sayin') *War has the ability to trample over things, just like giants! *War is able to devour everything and anything *War is a living divining rod (press G to toggle that function) *War never freezes nor burns *War can't overheat nor get cold *War has night-vision *War doesn't get hurt and his health is literally gibberish *War does not starve *War does not lose sanity *War does not inflict pain when it comes to small weaklings *War does not flinch upon being hit by monkey **** *War is not effected by spider webs *War can literally kill the master on the throne *War has a custom intro! *War will be struck by lightning upon moving from world-to-world! *War is a killing machine *Custom Maxwell intros for all 6 chapters! *War's ability to become a living divining rod will automatically trigger in adventure mode *War has 3 extra inventory slots War's con's: *War cannot equip any items *War will inflict pain upon being hit by Giants *Upon throne death, the world gets immensely ****** up *War does not speak *War can't sleep, similarly to Wickerbottom *War can't use items for anything but to eat them *Upon throne death, War will be constantly hunt down by them *War has seen some **** I guess you could say that this fag has 2 purposes. 1. it makes life easier for those whom suck at don't starve. e.g. me. 2. its coding could be used for those whom aren't so skilled at coding when makin' a mod i guess. But again, i cannot thank @DarkXero enough. What makes me even more thankful is how all of these functions were done by him and only him. i'm not even exaggerating. i was surprised and baffled how he had the patience to stay by my side with this mod from beginning to end. i genuinely am honored to have been able to work with this man, and i really wish to make this man about as happy as i. so please, give this man some recognition and some praise by following him. please, i beg of you. P.S. special thanks to Deeyadee. please go watch her through deviantart for doing War's banner in the bigportrait file: http://deeyadee.deviantart.com/
  8. had you done the following things i'm about to show you? (blue = delete and recompile, red = rename, black = ignore): the one's you will need to delete and recompile may need to be repeated if you ever change anything within the files that need to be renamed.
  9. does it even have the face in the spriter? if so, yet it still doesn't appear in-game. might you be able to hand me the files just for a bit?
  10. I've been somewhat hesitant to show this, due to feeling as though it would come out, just to have another task given. so yeah, something i and DarkXero are working on is this lil' doyk here:war.png

    now, the concept for this big boy is that he's meant to be over powered. nothing much except for the fact how seriously we're taking this. how ironic that a mod that's meant to give the players no effort when playing as him, yet the mod literally requires a **** ton of effort put into it. trust me when i say this, the coding is just phenomenal and i genuinely couldn't believe how just 1 man had created all of his codes. it's still a WIP, but admittedly, somewhat close to completion. DarkXero will be adding a very special mechanic where War is actually able to kill the master on the throne. along side with its consequences. consequences are is that War will literally be the only living creature to ever inhabit the place. plants however, will just be withered dickheads. thanks to DarkXero, i'm able to add custom dialogue for Maxwell in chapter 6. we've tweaked a lot of things, to the point this being breaks a lot of well known elements in don't starve. starving is one of the functions that break a very important role, along side him being able to literally float out of bounds. i'm extremely enthusiastic and just generally excited for his release. and i cannot thanks DarkXero enough. please, much would be appreciated if you follow this man.

  11. me.jpg

    for the record, i'm not being racist, i'm a muslim, so please, shut it.

  12. This is just a pic of my really fat cat named Beau. he was named after stinky cheese, and, surprisingly, it resembled him perfectly, seeing that not only does he smell terrible, he literally eats out of the trash. I only really put this pic up just for the heck of it, seeing that i have little to no activities towards klei nowadays.13236114_1281586768536955_761989030_n.jpg

    pretty gross though, but in a cute way.

    1. PiturcaClaudiuStef


      well we know how you are atleast :),yeah cute cat btw

    2. Mobbstar


      Is his nose always this colour or did he eat lasagna outta the garbage can?

    3. G


      nop, it's naturally like that, though i wouldn't be surprised if he ever did eat lasagna out of the trash. the guy eats nearly everything. notice the word "nearly". reason for that is cuz he actually hates fruits and vegetables, and i'm not even joking.

  13. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)