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Build a Wildborehouse in Shipwrecked?

Build a Pig or Bunny house in Reign of Giants?

Kill them and sleep for 10 days.... no spawning!

Turns out you need to wait in real life time not game time! Maybe they wanted to balance the game and prevent us from getting too much pigskin for our first hours of gameplay? Nope... just take your torch and light the house on fire and voila you magically get bores, pigs, and bunnies (don't forget to apply ice!)

This mod fixes it so bore+pig spawn correctly every 4 days instead of 4 days worth of time in real life (which could be weeks in game if you have tents and siestas!) It also fixes it so you don't magically spawn pigs when you light the house on fire.

Tested succesfully on Vanilla, ROG, and Shipwrecked with Wildbore,Pigmen,&Bunnymen houses even with saving and loading. Please comment if you have any problem and comment if it works for you.

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