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Found 12 results

  1. MessySpawnFix

    Version 0.1.0


    Build a Wildborehouse in Shipwrecked? Build a Pig or Bunny house in Reign of Giants? Kill them and sleep for 10 days.... no spawning! Turns out you need to wait in real life time not game time! Maybe they wanted to balance the game and prevent us from getting too much pigskin for our first hours of gameplay? Nope... just take your torch and light the house on fire and voila you magically get bores, pigs, and bunnies (don't forget to apply ice!) This mod fixes it so bore+pig spawn correctly every 4 days instead of 4 days worth of time in real life (which could be weeks in game if you have tents and siestas!) It also fixes it so you don't magically spawn pigs when you light the house on fire. Tested succesfully on Vanilla, ROG, and Shipwrecked with Wildbore,Pigmen,&Bunnymen houses even with saving and loading. Please comment if you have any problem and comment if it works for you.
  2. Pigs vs Merms

    I want YOU to join the cause. The pigs and the merms have been in a bloody war for decades. Both forces have their made their home throughout the wild and unforgiving isles. Countless casualties have met their end in battle and their heads have been mounted on pikes in each village of their counterpart. The tension has risen, troops gather, and weapons are readied. This war is coming to an end soon, but who will be the victor. It is up to YOU to decide who wins and loses. Battles will be fought and lives will be lost, so you better be ready when you sign up for the pigs or the merms.
  3. o.o Poor Wilson went insane.....
  4. If you play Don't Starve via Steam and can see how many hours you've played... I've been playing a few weeks and am already up to 67 hours! So addicted >.< Anyone want to make me feel better and tell me if you've played more? Please tell me I'm not the only addict!
  5. (note: I am new to this forum and any critics here that give me a hard time, hear this, I don't take criticism well at times. I am familar with hater and know how to ignore those, but if i do something wrong on this, please do not nag on it. Just please let me know what it is and if its a big issue, i'll fix it. Thank you and enjoy) Day 13 I think at least thats the day since that man left me to rot in this archipelago. I would hope to get off these island as fast as possible, but i recently found a GREAT scientific discovery here. I have found what appears to be, and forgive me if this sound insane, Pig men. I never would of thought of such a thing, but here on this certain island, i have found other sentient life. I have tried my best to confront them, but all effort was lost at the sight of me. Hopefully tomarrow would prove more fruitful.
  6. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Graphics] Platform [*]Steam Version Number 70828 Issue title Walking in the ocean Steps to reproduce Create test world. Road where you appear must spawn in the sea. Then walk over the sea. Describe your issue I have started new game in new world with TEST world generation. Found myself spawned at the road on the sea. Now sea is like a ground.
  7. NPCs that raid your home base could either steal items/destroy stuff, or stake out your base if you fled.Something to either force you to relocate to another area/biome, or go and prepare to counterattack, maybe with different rewardsPigmen could raid if you had too much meat in chests, or when they become werepigs, etc. Something to basically mess your base up.Really like the ghosts in game, they force you to flee, favorite enemy probably Pigmen really make me miss pikmin 2 but I love them
  8. TL-DR A Perk-like purchase-able system that uses EXP as a currency. They are all one-use items per session, and can use only up to 3 perks per game. List of purchase-able perks are near the end of the post. ======= I'd like to refer to Excess's Unlocking Characters thread first. Most players would probably know by now that Kevin is changing the EXP and unlocking system, thus Excess's suggestion for the different ways to unlock characters. You can discuss it further at his thread. Because I wanted to suggest something else, that may be somewhat similar to tangmcgame's Quirks suggestion. ====== EXP as Currency Given that the EXP system will undergo overhaul, along with the current "Research System", I'd like to suggest to turn EXP into a form of "Currency". EXP will still be accumulated after death, but it will not have any Experience Bar or anything similar... It will instead be an arbitrary number, a currency that can be spent for unlocking recipes or purchasing resources for the next game. There will be a high limit, or no limit, to the amount of EXP that can be accumulated in total. Lets call this "Perk" You can only bring up to a limit of perks (I'm thinking 3 types of perks, max) into the next game, and you cannot purchase it while already in-game. So, as example, you can bring 27 rocks (count as 1 perk), 40 logs and 8 meat, or perhaps 3 different recipes/prototypes (each recipe is counted as 1 perk). Bringing BASIC resources in lets you have more resources in a single free-play mode (assuming you can't "portal" in a free-play mode). Bringing recipe/prototypes will automatic unlock that recipe for that game, so during that game, you do not need a bloated resource requirement to unlock that recipe. There will also be other things available for "purchase" with EXP, such as tangmcgame's suggested Quirks. Maybe a permanent stats buff, like +5% health, or food value, etc... HOWEVER - These are NOT unlocks. For every purchase you make, you receive one of the purchased perk as a single-use for the next game: You can buy (I'm just randomly plugging numbers here) - 10x Recipe:Board, 100 Rocks, 1 Buff - You choose to bring Recipe:Board, 23 Rocks, 1 Buff - So you have 9x Recipe:Board and 77 Rocks left in your main menu for the next game. I'm not too sure if I'm explaining clearly... Think Worms:Revolution - One of the game mode where you buy weapons with in-session currency, and they are mostly one-use only. Something like that with regards to purchasing and usage, except it's after a session to buy, and use (and consumed) for the next session. To sum it up - EXP rolls in after a session, you buy "perks", you equip maximum of 3 different "perks" mix (resource, recipe, quirk, in any mix), you enter a new session with resource/unlocks/special, your non-session inventory is updated after use of "perks". Below is a roughly-made example of a list that EXP can "purchase" --- List (Counted as a Perk Slot based on type of item, listed at the back) > Basic Resources (Things that can be harvested without combat, such as Berry, Carrot, Rock, Flint, etc) - 1 Stack/Perk > Rare Resources (Things that are more valuable or require combat, such as Gold, Spider's Silk, etc) - 5 Pieces/Perk > Recipe for Advance Resources (Board, Rope, Cut Stone, Papyrus, ?????) - Recipe/Perk > Recipe for Advance Tool (Gold tools, Combat, Vanity Hats, Traps, etc) - Recipe/Perk > Quirks/Traits/Buffs - 1 Piece/Perk > Unique item (I guess people can go crazy with this option... Yes/No/Maybe?) - 1 Piece/perk > Data Wipe (Yup, for those LPers who want a wipe-progress button, and those who want to keep restarting for any reason) - Yes/No confirmation, consumed immediately. --- Just some thoughts that were thrown together, so will need to flesh out further... Recipes for Expert Trades (very late-midgame to end-game) should not be available for purchase. Example like "Recipe:Portal" is not purchase-able, which can only be unlocked in-session via Prototype method. It's not exactly an achievement or a grind thing, but some players whom require a Goal (I had once an experience in ME3MP wanting to max out all consumables @ 255) or a sense of progress can probably use this as a way to get that kind of sense. ...Thoughts?
  9. I think Path of the Mark has the most potential for speed runs. New game plus, no kills, no alarm, and no items were used. It was pretty sloppy but I finished in about 2 minutes and 30 seconds.
  10. I like the fact that the Pigmen are personalized by having their own names, so I thought why not make it a step further and give them families. Pig houses in the wild come with a Pigman with pants and a Pigwoman with a skirt and a red ribbon on her tail. During the day the Pigman will be wandering about looking for food and the the Pigwoman will be inside the home. When dusk comes the Pigwoman will emerge out of the house and call out to her Pigman that its home time. If the Pigman has died and does not come home, the pigwoman will be sad and will from that day on mope around her house. She will lose her skirt due to neglect. But if both the husband and wife survives, after a few days a Pigbaby will be born. This time during the day the Pigwife will be out of the house caring for the baby. She will act like a Tall bird around their nested egg and if the baby is killed by a creature, she will pursue them to the ends of the earth till one of them dies. If the PigWife dies the husband will also be sad and mope around the house and lose his pants due to neglect. Some time later the Pigbaby will grow to an adult either a Pigman or a Pigwoman neither having pants or skirts. The Pig family will not spawn another baby until their child has found its own home. The new adults will wait around and they will create their own clothing over a period of time but a player can give them the items to speed the process. A Pigman must have pants and a Pigwoman must have a skirt before they are eligible to be a family and only one of them must have a home. When the Pigman has pants he will then go straight to the nearest skirted Pig widow and start a family. Otherwise he will go to the nearest unoccupied house claim it then go straight to the nearest single skirted Pigwoman, bring her back to his house and the cycle begins again. I think this seems more natural than a pig spawning out of a house. There is more meat available but there is also the guilt of breaking a family apart to get some sweet bacon. And their will be more loot types from these three creatures and cosmetic options with clothes. Also it gives the game life as you can come across a Pig couple on their way to a new home to start a family, do you slaughter them for the loot or let them on their way?
  11. It has just installed via steam but i do not seem to find any of the new items / research / creatures do i need to start a new game ? ( on day 70 so would rather not ) Thanks for the time
  12. I journeyed to a Pigman village and a found a pig named Lucius! I though hmm I like that name and oh I remember it from the game Lucius! I'm making him a Top hat. To show the demonic pig that I'm his friend aswell as a sacrifice so he doesn't burn nearly the whole forest again... - - - Updated - - - Thanks Devs for being awesome and a dream, through the whole experience and I love these pig names.