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Found 10 results

  1. New stoves for Hamlet

    Version 1.0.0


    Do you enjoy it like me to come home after a day of work, and light the firepit in the livingroom befor you grab a book and sit in an armchair? No? ...well... have some stoves then, I guess... This 5 stoves function like firepits. You will find them under the lamps tab in your hamlet house. DS, SW and Hamlet is needed. New Stoves for
  2. MessySpawnFix

    Version 0.1.0


    Build a Wildborehouse in Shipwrecked? Build a Pig or Bunny house in Reign of Giants? Kill them and sleep for 10 days.... no spawning! Turns out you need to wait in real life time not game time! Maybe they wanted to balance the game and prevent us from getting too much pigskin for our first hours of gameplay? Nope... just take your torch and light the house on fire and voila you magically get bores, pigs, and bunnies (don't forget to apply ice!) This mod fixes it so bore+pig spawn correctly every 4 days instead of 4 days worth of time in real life (which could be weeks in game if you have tents and siestas!) It also fixes it so you don't magically spawn pigs when you light the house on fire. Tested succesfully on Vanilla, ROG, and Shipwrecked with Wildbore,Pigmen,&Bunnymen houses even with saving and loading. Please comment if you have any problem and comment if it works for you.
  3. Hi guys, Just wanted to share a short video I've made of my one-year camp (yes: more than 365 days surviving!). Basically, I've farmed the whole map during this time, and have a bunch of other camps in it. Last thing I've done in that game was creating a Zoo! If you have questions or need advices regarding my camp, feel free to ask . Here is the video.
  4. It would be great to add a small Pig House icon on the map once discovered, and if there is a lot of pig houses bunched together (let's say in a village), then have 1-2 icons on the map in that location. This would make it so much easier to revisit discovered pig houses along our travels!
  5. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform [*]Steam Version Number 73726 Issue title Bug with digging graves Steps to reproduce When I dug up the grave, sanity not decrease. Describe your issue Please fix it because it not normal.
  6. heya, anyone else experiencing this? 24 FPS in fullscreen mode, on the steam version of the game? even when i've set it to 60 fps? thanks for any help in advance
  7. Hi this is one of the games I liked the most in years! But I get really unmotivated when I die and have to start all over again, can't you create a mode where you re-spawn somewhere but without losing your progress? I love building up my camp, and also would love to be able to build a hut with everything, a fireplace replacing the fire camp outside, where it would take a brick by brick building using a lot of resources, that would allow me to be motivated to play for years! I love everything about the game, except the whole start over and over... this way I will only play for the 20th time once the new update comes... Hear my wishes! I wan't to be a collector and a constructor survivor !
  8. (thread disappeared or something, did it get auto-censored due to the house suggestion?...) A house! Or, more accurately, a cabin of some sort. I mean, seriously, all that wood and you can't make a house? I haven't read about the future plans of Don't Starve, but I seriously hope a cabin of some sort is in there somewhere. A cabin would solve the end-game problem pretty quick. The night monsters getting too dumb? Why not let them start tearing down the trees the player planted? Or just let em go through them. Then the player has to keep their cabin door repaired or risk a house invasion. Let em start tearing down the science equipment and other stuff too. Force the player to retreat indoors at night. Not sure whether the cabin should either load another area or if it should require a large plot of land. Also, some people might want to furnish their houses with those spiffy chests, a bed, etc.. A house (well, cabin) could certainly keep players busy in a longer running game and add extra challenges that weren't there before. It should also be a necessity during the Winter period. Another thing that a lot of players might want is an area to display trophies, unique items, etc.. in their home. Like that gnome you just dug up, and have no use for aside from spending it on your tech score (and you've already researched everything). Maybe you could display it in a trophy room and get a bonus based on the item's science score? Like a place where your character can sit, relax, and restore some sanity... at least until night comes and the banging on the door starts up again. x] Honestly if you can add in some kind of house, then this would be my dream game. Well almost. Finding a mate and having kids (that could work as an alternative to the "save me from death!" craftable items) would be nice but I can't possibly hope for every last item I'd want in a game. xP
  9. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Butterfly storage bug Steps to reproduce Full box of item. stack of butterfly in hand Describe your issue I tried to store 6 butterflies on my hand into a full box by accident and the stack reduces to 1 when it fails. not sure about the version no. but i am playing the latest verison as of 2/12/2012
  10. As we know we already have a way to "attract" pigmen. I think something similar should be added like, instead of making a Pig House you could make a Grass Hut which spawns a single beefalo (similar to pig house). Of course like the pig house it will be quite expensive and require you to have previously encountered beefalo by requiring 'x' amount of wool along with grass and twigs. This is just something i quickly thought up and would like to see added, feel free to suggest changes or explain why this would/would not work.