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  1. The last version (1.1.2) is on his github!! For Ds and DsT, compatible with RoG and Sw! Ds : https://github.com/rskuipers/sticky-recipe DsT : https://github.com/rskuipers/sticky-recipe/tree/dst
  2. why the cook book is so empty ?? There is a lot of more recipe!!!
  3. So.... To solve the boat menu issue, you need to use the RPG HUD with this mod !! But why? with the "minimized displayed text", It doesn't display the "Will spoil..." stuff, only "Hunger", "Health" and "Sanity" ??
  4. Thanks, it works... But the speed is completely different (on my computer) with or without displaying the mini map... I mean the dude walk more slowly, pick more slowly.... And when I close the mini map, everything is so more fast!!! When I enable this mod, my game will be 25-30fps, but when it's unable, back to 60fps!! It still playable but, wanted to say it !
  5. So.... Now it work !!! I don't know really why... I disable all mod, and after restart the game I activate only that mod to see if it work and it does... Than I activated my other mod.... Oh and I change the "smart crock pot" mod for the more up to date "Craft pot" !! I don't know really what the tricks was, but it work anyway !! ^^ As I play with ROG right know, I didn't check the boat menu issue...
  6. Hi.... Doesn't show the food values at all !! And break the boat menu !! To change the api_version to 7 in the lua just make the mod crash and auto disable !!