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Tired of other players taking all your things? This mod allows players to build hidden stashes for their items!

Build a Hidden Stash, place the items you want to hide inside, then bury it with a shovel. After a few seconds the Hidden Stash will become completely invisible (it also does not appear on the minimap). So take care to remember where you buried your stuff! Use a shovel to dig up the stash. You can dig it up by standing close by, equipping the shovel and pressing the action key. Alternatively, hold the shovel with the mouse cursor and move the cursor over where the stash should be, and the stash will be highlighted with the option to dig it up.

If this mod results in a crash, please let me know in the comments what you were doing at the time of the crash and what the error message was. Thank you!

The Hidden Stash can be built from the Structures tab of your crafting menu. It requires an Alchemy Lab to prototype. The recipe is: 1 Shovel, 3 Boards, 2 Cut Stone.

Note that this mod only works with DST!

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