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With this mod the food meter now decreases as you wish

the settings are from Tiny hunger = 50% slower than default to Endless hunger = 200% faster than default for default game setting you can choose Medium

What's New in Version 1.01   See changelog


  • crash fix
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Oh, this is an interesting idea, thanks for posting it. [suggestion] just an idea, how about the option to get  a 'randomized' Metabolisim, so it may be good, or bad, just like an RPG game? And I haven't tried this mod yet, but is it possible to 'see' what your current Mtbm/rate is?

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I don't think the medium setting sets it to the correct value.


From tuning.lua :

local seg_time = 30local total_day_time = seg_time*16local calories_per_day = 75WILSON_HUNGER_RATE = calories_per_day/total_day_time, --calories burnt per day

Default hunger rate = 75 / (30 * 16) = 75 / 480 = 0.156~


The medium setting is 1, which is ~10x more than normal.

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