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  1. This is awesome, thanks for the update! By chance, have you had an opportunity to look into the material displacement bug I reported, that occurs when a cell's properties are changed?
  2. Copper ore patch spawns beside airlock

    This is linked to a cell properties displacement bug
  3. I messaged Ipsquiggle about this bug, but I think I'll post it here so it isn't forgotten I found this bug while creating my 'self sealing airlocks' mod. I discovered that if 1) a cell contains a solid element (e.g. copper ore) and 2) a sim message is used to set the properties of that cell to be gas or liquid impermable and 3) the cell in question is immediately adjacent to a vacuum filled cell, than the element properties of the original cell will be transfered to the adjacent vacuum filled cell. This problem seems only to occur if an adjacent cell is vacuum filled
  4. Could go with 'Pokeshell Carapace'
  5. I made a mod that stops gases passing open airlock doors. I didn't find making waterlocks or more complex contraptions interesting anymore. I just wanted a convenient solution for gas separation so I could focus on other, more interesting aspects of my ONI projects. Since posting that mod I've had no small amount of comments on it arguing that it isn't realistic, that it makes the game too easy, that it's the intent of the developers that there be no trival solution to the problems we face. And yet waterlocks are all these things...
  6. Making pyrite

    But why would you want to make pyrite? I dunno what properties it has in game, but IRL it's pretty useless
  7. Mod updating > infinite loop

    I also have this issue
  8. Rust Deoxidizer

    I'm guessing that rust deoxdisers meant to be a stop gap solution until you can get enough water to switch to electrolysers. I found a chlorine geyser that makes enough to feed 10 saltvines, but that only puts a dint in my requirements. Plus rust isn't renewable anyways
  9. Dasha saltvine consumes its surrounding chlorine gas, however, this behaviour is not listed on its tool tip the first time it surrounded by chlorine. Saving and re-loading will cause the 'Consuming chlorine' tool tip to appear. If the supply of chlorine gas is interrupted, saving and re-loading is required to have the 'Consuming chlorine' tool tip to appear again. The Saltvine also appears to consume chlorine gas (at a slower rate) when its other growing conditions are not met (e.g., having sufficient fertiliser)
  10. @Nightinggale Thanks for that! That automation looks handy @bumbaclad Not entirely sure why it failed to load (ONI error messages aren't very informative unfortunately). Try renaming your files so they do not contain spaces and double check that your code matches mine
  11. Hi everyone! This tutorial is intended to give you a basic overview of how to create a new mod for ONI, get it running, and then upload it to the Steam Workshop. Please note that this tutorial does NOT cover any coding! That's all up to you. If you run into trouble with your mod code, either make a post on this subforum, or pop into the modding channel on the ONI Discord For this tutorial I will be using MS Visual Studio 2017 under Windows 10. Sorry Mac and Linux users! The process will be much the same, but you will probably need to use a different IDE Step 1: Start up Visual Studio and create a new project Step 2: From the menu that opens, select '.NET Framework 3.5' from the drop down menu, and then 'Class Library (.NET Framework)' from the list of options. Double check that your under '.NET Framework 3.5'! This is the version that ONI uses. Choose a name for your mod folder and a location to save this folder. If you don't see 'Class Library (.NET Framework)' listed as an option, go to Step 3. Otherwise go to Step 4 Step 3: If 'Class Library (.NET Framework)' was not listed as an option in the previous step, click on 'Open Visual Studio Installer' instead. On the new menu that opens, select '.NET desktop development' and then 'Modify'. Once the necessary files are installed (it's quite large from memory), go back to Step 2 Step 4: Now go over to the 'Solution Explorer' on the right side of the work space. Right click on 'References' and 'Add Reference' Here you can add the .dll file references that you will need for coding your mod. '0Harmony.dll', 'UnityEngine.dll', 'UnityEngine.CoreModule.dll', 'Assembly-CSharp-firstpass.dll' and 'Assembly-CSharp.dll' will cover most peoples needs (you can peek into these .dll files to see their code using a program such as dnSpy). You can find these .dll files under '\steamapps\common\OxygenNotIncluded\OxygenNotIncluded_Data\Managed' I've copied these .dll files into a new folder to keep them with the rest of my mod development files Step 6: Now you can finally write your code! This simple example just gets the ONI log file to write 'Hello World!'. ONI (like many Unity games) is modded by patching the code with Harmony. You can find more information on how to use Harmony here Step 7: When your done coding, build the solution. If the build was successful, there should be no errors listed Step 8: The output of the solution build will be listed in your mod directory, under '\bin\Debug' by default. Copy and paste the mod .dll ('HelloWorld.dll' in this case) into a new folder under '\Klei\OxygenNotIncluded\mods\dev' Step 10: Start Oxygen Not Included. Your mod should be listed at the bottom of the mod menu with the name of the folder that holds your mod .dll. Activate the mod! Step 11: Check the ONI log file (stored under '\AppData\LocalLow\Klei\Oxygen Not Included') to make sure the mod was loaded successfully. In this case, no error messages are listed, and 'Hello World!' was printed into the log. Success! Step 12: When your mod is ready to be uploaded to the Steam Workshop, download and install the ONI Uploader (found under 'Library/Tools' on Steam) Step 13: Once the uploader is installed, open it up. Make sure that you have exited ONI and the process has ended first! If you mod .dll is still in use, and you try to upload it, the upload will fail. Click 'Add' to add your new mod, fill in the required details, and then publish! Check your Workshop items, and you should find your mod listed there and ready for use. Hope someone finds this tutorial useful!
  12. I agree that illness seem too easy to shake now. I dont worry about illness notifications. I just check that I have enough meds stockpiled and leave it at that. I'm not actually a big fan of hats, so I don't mind they are purely cosmetic now
  13. Hell yes! Looking forward to playing with this!