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  1. This is awesome, thanks for the update! By chance, have you had an opportunity to look into the material displacement bug I reported, that occurs when a cell's properties are changed?
  2. This is linked to a cell properties displacement bug
  3. I messaged Ipsquiggle about this bug, but I think I'll post it here so it isn't forgotten I found this bug while creating my 'self sealing airlocks' mod. I discovered that if 1) a cell contains a solid element (e.g. copper ore) and 2) a sim message is used to set the properties of that cell to be gas or liquid impermable and 3) the cell in question is immediately adjacent to a vacuum filled cell, than the element properties of the original cell will be transfered to the adjacent vacuum filled cell. This problem seems only to occur if an adjacent cell is vacuum filled
  4. Dasha saltvine consumes its surrounding chlorine gas, however, this behaviour is not listed on its tool tip the first time it surrounded by chlorine. Saving and re-loading will cause the 'Consuming chlorine' tool tip to appear. If the supply of chlorine gas is interrupted, saving and re-loading is required to have the 'Consuming chlorine' tool tip to appear again. The Saltvine also appears to consume chlorine gas (at a slower rate) when its other growing conditions are not met (e.g., having sufficient fertiliser)
  5. I agree that illness seem too easy to shake now. I dont worry about illness notifications. I just check that I have enough meds stockpiled and leave it at that. I'm not actually a big fan of hats, so I don't mind they are purely cosmetic now
  6. I believe .dyn files are for unlockable characater skins. I don't know how they interact with custom characters though
  7. Try this: inst:ListenForEvent("locomote", function(inst) your-function-here end)
  8. Each time it sees a math.random() it generates a new number. You have no else statement, so if all the rolls fail, nothing will happen (roughly a 1 in 3 chance)
  9. I'd be taking a look at your compression settings. Its very easy to end up with sound files larger than the originals if they aren't set right
  10. Thanks guys, I'll let you know about my progress I'm currently working out the details regarding what I need in terms of the art, so any talented artists interested in collaborating should stay tuned!
  11. Hey everyone! I recently found out that the Magicka: Wizard Wars servers have closed down So I got the inspiration to try and replicate its very unique spell system in DST. Still in the early protoyping stage, but I've attached a video showing some of what I've cobbled together Lemme know what you guys think