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  1. !! WOAH--- !! The problem of FROMNUM , is really the UPPERCASE !!! Thank you !! BTW , I still have one of FRONUM Tags , when I trying to Trigger other form. :: I have change all of my Uppercase tags to lowercase and I'm not sure now why I still getting this FRONUM. X''D :: : Tags result : Trigger first form : : Tags result : Trigger second form : : Tags result : back to hoomane form : The result is I's not crash anymore!!!! !!! OMGGGGGGGGG !!!! ♥♥ !!!! You are the life savior !!!! ♥♥ !! ♥ Thank you Thank you very very much ♥ !! oh... umm.. I have a little problem with some animations invisible, I known I didn't have some of those animations for player. If you don't mind could you tell me how to add the Custom animations , ( for my mod only but other player can see it. ) or disable some actions for my First and Second form? ( I don't want to use player actions when in other form. ) FULL LASTEST FILE : Aika_Test.rar
  2. [00:25:08]: Serializing user: session/39521E4CC0FA031E/C7GSC53084I801G0653I8O8/0000000001 [00:25:17]: SendRemoteExecute(print(ThePlayer.entity:GetDebugString()), 391.301605, -686.893982) [00:25:21]: GUID:100560 Name: Tags: tiger _sheltered birdwhisperer trader _health FROMNUM FROMNUM player idle _builder _sanity _inventory FROMNUM FROMNUM _combat FROMNUM _moisture FROMNUM FROMNUM debuffable FROMNUM _hunger _rider character lightningtarget tigerness Prefab: aikawa AnimState: bank: wilson build: aikawa anim: idle_loop anim/player_idles.zip:idle_loop Frame: 34.00/66 Facing: 3 Transform: Pos=(386.00,0.00,-686.00) Scale=(1.20,1.20,1.20) Heading=0.00 DynamicShadow: Network: NetworkID=4748 Owner=6903582000048810625 NetSleep=0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 LightWatcher: IN LIGHT: 19.10-->1.48/0.08 Light: MiniMapEntity: Physics: Collision Group: 1024 Mask: 64,128, (ACTIVE) Vel: 0.00 SoundEmitter: Yes I do , as YakumoYukari said. If I including the FROMNUM Tags Things , It will has around 26 Tags. and .. It doesn't seems like over 31 limit. or Did i miss something?
  3. @YakumoYukari @Ultroman ♥♥♥ OMG !! THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR KINDNESS !! ♥♥♥ @YakumoYukari Ummm.... Too many Size limit Tags? Okay , I have tried to checked my Tags today. ( I have 17 - 18 Tags. ) BTW , I don't know really how this game counts the Tags. :'D
  4. ♥♥♥♥ Thank you for your reply !!! ♥♥♥♥ < omg .. I'm feel bad for making this trouble , i'm sorry D'X > I just want him to has LvL + Custom Food and Transforming skill.. , I'm so sorry I don't know How big It is--.. I just want to fixed the Inventory error by put them in the MasterPosinit. ( Maybe just maybe it will fixed them. X'D ) Oh.. Those Two Fn is on lines 558 and 701 .. Is it not declared ? Lines 558 - 699 : line 701 - 787 : ( If I misunderstood something, i'm so sorry.) Does that mean .. I need to erase one of those lines in SetTigerMode like this right ? I have checked my SGweretiger / Modmain / Tigerness Components and they never touched the inventory replica. except my aikawa.lua that has one lines about inventory. ( not a Replica ) onbecametiger , onbecamepretiger Fn. inst.components.inventory:DropEverything(true) I also tried to Disable It. And It seems it still has Inventory error. ( I have similar error about replica before :: Sanity.Replica, Health.Replica, Hunger.Replica :: I have disabled it on lines 657 - 659 and it's fixed ) Another one is my Custom Sgwilson, that has so many inventory. < I just replacing " Beaver " to " Pretiger " Tags and replacing Beaver build. > Honestly.. I really don't know how to fix the replica ... If you don't mind Could you tech me how to fix it, please?
  5. As the title said I still stuck at attempt to index field 'inventory' (a nil value) when I tried to Transforms into another from. ( + random method and located the file when it's crash. # Use Same Code ) 1. error in components / playercontroller : [00:14:24]: [string "scripts/components/playercontroller.lua"]:1080: attempt to index field 'inventory' (a nil value) LUA ERROR stack traceback: scripts/components/playercontroller.lua:1080 in (method) HasAOETargeting (Lua) <1079-1085> scripts/components/playeractionpicker.lua:293 in (method) DoGetMouseActions (Lua) <284-326> scripts/components/playercontroller.lua:1855 in (method) OnUpdate (Lua) <1718-2109> scripts/update.lua:192 in () ? (Lua) <149-228> 2. error in components / builder_replica : [00:25:21]: [string "scripts/components/builder_replica.lua"]:265: attempt to index field 'inventory' (a nil value) LUA ERROR stack traceback: scripts/components/builder_replica.lua:265 in (method) CanBuild (Lua) <256-284> scripts/widgets/crafttabs.lua:519 in (method) DoUpdateRecipes (Lua) <492-589> scripts/widgets/crafttabs.lua:404 in (method) OnUpdate (Lua) <364-406> scripts/frontend.lua:749 in (method) Update (Lua) <616-766> scripts/update.lua:92 in () ? (Lua) <33-129> 3. error in widgets / inventorybar : [00:08:57]: [string "scripts/widgets/inventorybar.lua"]:377: attempt to index local 'inventory' (a nil value) LUA ERROR stack traceback: scripts/widgets/inventorybar.lua:377 in (method) Rebuild (Lua) <353-399> scripts/widgets/inventorybar.lua:420 in (method) OnUpdate (Lua) <401-482> scripts/frontend.lua:749 in (method) Update (Lua) <616-766> scripts/update.lua:92 in () ? (Lua) <33-129> Full error Log : 1. client_log2.txt 2. client_log3.txt 3. client_log4.txt My full prefab script : My Full Files : aikawa.lua , Aika_Test.rar
  6. Hello again!!! X''D I have tried to fixed some of those Error yesterday ( and it fixed. ) now I got a new error. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I got it when I tried to Transforming to Second from [ Hosting + Cave Enable. ] here is full error log : client_log.txt -- btw I need to create new Thread for this new error or just leave it here? --
  7. okay , today i've tried test my newest code with my friends ( and I play as Host ) and here is a result : looks like a same error because it method to : componentactions , playeractionpicker , playercontroller. :\ I really don't know how to fix it.. Does anyone have any idea to fix this ? here is full log and my lastest file : LOGs : client_log (2).txt My Lastest version : Aika - copy.rar
  8. @Wolf_EX I really appreciate it !! Thank you very much for your time !! Okay I'll try to looks at the componentactions.lua !! hmmmm... okay.. I have... try to take a look and try to understand at those first error line... [string "scripts/componentactions.lua"]:1182: attempt to index a nil value LUA ERROR stack traceback: scripts/componentactions.lua:1182 in (method) CollectActions (Lua) <1168-1194> line : 1182 <1168 -1194 > in componentactions.lua Maybe ,Dose that mean ... I need to adds those actions ... to my custom SG .. ? Or create /add function to my *modmain : o ? *( I just added TheSim:GetGameID to link the actions to the game in modmain.lua but I didn't test it with anyone yet. :'D ) -------------------------------------------------------------------- here is my files if you want to see : SGweretiger.lua modmain.lua This file is my custom Sg use in Second Form of this Character. Like Woodie is werebeaver form but , I modified to base on Creatures 's stagegraphs. ( not on werebeaver is stategraphs.) ================================================================================ ok let's move on ! Now I tried to looks at those 3 line : line : 97 < 94 - 119 > in playeractionpicker.lua line : 215 < 176 - 234 > in playeractionpicker.lua line : 322 < 284 - 326 > in playeractionpicker.lua As I understand ... If I Change the * LeftClickPicker and SetTigerActions to something else ? or ** removing it?? maybe it can be fixed ? *( unfortunately I've tried this .. and have same error. :/ ) **( also.. I've tried this one too and my char can't do anything in another form can move around only , BTW It has a this old error that idk how to fixed it it's call.. : actions are out of sync :'') ) Or If i try to add ("inspectable") components , And create new function and link to Inspectable Components maybe.. it might be work :') ? here is my prefeb file : aikawa.lua ============================================================================== Or maybe I just can't really understand what it going to tell me X''D If that's true... If you don't mind, could you help me understanding it more please? < I'm very sorry about my dumby chicken brain X''D > PS: And Thank you very much for your suggestion!! <<<333 SGweretiger.lua
  9. @Wolf_EX I thinks I already put it in my function : ( around 4 - 5 function. ) ======================================================================================== :: master_postinit :: :: common_postinit :: :: SetTigerMode :: :: OnPlayerDeactivated :: :: OnPlayerActivated :: :: onbecametiger :: here is full char.lua : aikawa.lua
  10. @Ultroman @Wolf_EX I'm very sorry about duplicate the threads. It's all my fault. Okay , It's a Character mods and here is a full zip file : Aika - copy.zip I'm very very Sorry again for my troublesome!! D'X
  11. HELLO!!!! It's me again!! And I got a new errors Again ... X''D :: NO CAVE / Multiplayer / As Host :: :: WITH CAVE / Single player / Offline :: HERE IS FULL FILE : AIKA - Copy.zip If it not too hard , Could anyone help me understand those error please? ; w ;
  12. Hmmm I have tired Verify integrity and ... it seem can not fixed this issues... BTW !!! I think I found it!!! it's because MY!!! FULLMOON FUNCTION !!! ( Maybe ... I think... ) after I have tried to change this function !!! To this function !!! I have testing it about 10 times. and the result is!! : 10/10 I DONT HAVE THIS ISSUES ANY MORE!!! OMG <<<<3333 ❤❤❤❤ !! I truly appreciate your kindness !!!! ❤❤❤❤ And I have an new problem X'D , Could I put in this Topic ? Or Create a new topic? : D
  13. It's very weird right !!? X'''''D Ok!!! I have tried to replacing .zip file!! WOW It's make my mods load faster !!!! <<<33333 but still had the this broken issues ... ==================================================================== I think It's okay!!... If it can't be fix !! ❤❤ ( It's better than nothing!! I can played him in some world !! But if I can't play him ... just repeat the cycle . That's all ~ :'3 ) ❤❤❤❤ !!! Thank you for all your HELP !!! ❤❤❤❤ btw could I ask you an another Questions about the errors , please ? X'D ( not like this weird issues !!! X'''D )
  14. Sorry for the late replay!! Ummmm.... I think... , I didn't Active 2 Mods in the same times. I just Enabled Copy one and run.... Oh!! I have tried your suggestion too!! Enabled just Originals one only !! and it seem to have a Same Effect.... ===================================================================================== BTW ... I have tried to test and give this mods to my friends. And Tell them to : Create / Delete Worlds + Enable my mods only . How to check him : ( If you want to test it by yourself X'D. ) AIKA - Copy.rar Sometime.. you can play him in the first world! :'D!!!!! But !!! If you can't play in WORLD 1.... You need to DELETE WORLD 1 CREATE : WORLD 2 If Can't play in WORLD 2.. DELETE : WORLD 2 CREATE : WORLD 3 If Can't play in WORLD 3... you need to create WORLD## CREATE : WORLD ### ... ( LOOP ) ( Until you can play him. ) HERE is 5 / 5 of my friends is Result : They said... MY MODS IS BROKEN. << OMG MY MODS IS A REAL WORLD DESTROYER !!! X''D - CRY VERY HARD - >>> ❤❤ If you have any other suggestions you can tell me!!!! I LOVE YOUR ADVICE!!! ❤❤
  15. I try to find server_log but .... It seems like that log.txt is missing ... from my Cluster_1 , Cluster_2 folder. ( or it's can't create the txt? Afrer I choose the char and it's crash? )