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  1. Mai (my hope for a new DST character) Stats & upsides/downsides 150 hunger 200 health 70 sanity -can craft dresses -is’int as mentally stable as others -enjoys company,hates being alone Exclusive crafting tabs Sewing tab -pink dress (2 petals 7 sticks 1 torch) (23+ sanity per second) (no durability) -floral bouquet (1 petal 1 stick) (loses 1 point of durability every second when exposed to rain) (2+ sanity per second) -wedding memories (1 nightmare fuel) (+70 sanity +149 hunger + 199 health) (1 use) Other abilities - Much like wickerbottom she already knows ALL recipes that require a science machine and pretihatitaor - at full moon mai turns into a merm (with the same animation from gorge failure) When reverting back to a human mai loses 23 sanity,6 hunger and 1 health she drops a random blueprint,a piggyback and 7 glowberries -mai knows the recipes for 2 exclusive food-dishes hot-chilly surprise and winter-roast Winter roast - 2 berries 1 carrot 1 lesser glow berry OR 2 carrots 1 berry 1 lesser glow berry +150 health +100 sanity -1 hunger Gives the eater immunity to freezing for 3 days and can be stacked Also gives the same effects of warly’s salt crystals Hot-chilly surprise - 2 peppers 1 cave banana 1 twigs +150 hunger +150 health -100 sanity Gives the eater immunity to over-heating for 4 days and can be stacked (but KILLS your sanity) Also gives the same effects of warly’s garlic spice -mai hates sleeping (examples : tent,grass roll,fur roll,etc) here’s what she says : ‘’sleeping would give me the stiffest back ever!’’ -mai can cook chips! 3 potato’s 1 durian -max all stats -doesn't rot for about (99999999999999999999999999999999 days) -mai can craft the tool abomination (the equivalent of 1 shovel 1 pickaxe 1 axe 1 pitchfork) - you can mine,chop,dig,& decorate all in 1 tool! - looks like a pretty parasol -mai is a picky eater here’s the chart : Food she does like to eat :Fish Sticks fish tacos unagi pumpkin cookies powdercake wet goop taffy ice cream fruit medley trail mix honey nuggets flower salad waffles monster lasagna (14) Food she doesn't like to eat : Mandrake Soup Dragon Pie Meaty Stew (stats given reversed) Honey Ham Bacon and Eggs Turkey Dinner Meatballs Froggle Bunwich Butter Muffin Guacamole (10) There is one exception meaty stew when mai eats it the stats that's given when eaten are just reversed/opposite Backstory Mai was the sister once removed of wickerbottom Mai would usually spend her day in her room sewing clothing to put in her closet And would occasionally get invited to clothing contests or conventions Her bedroom was above wicker bottoms library she usually calls her by the name ‘anila’ But one day when she was taking a peaceful walk around her block, she noticed a dapper gentlemen just standing there in the middle of the sidewalk when she asked what he was doing there, he replied, ‘’what are you doing here? What do you want?’’ she responded that she always wanted to own her own clothing brand stores and the man replied, ‘’your a trendsetter aren't you? Here you go’’ he snapped his fingers and she disappeared into the constant Skins She would have a roseate,survivor,victorian,triumphant,hallows night costume (as antlion),& an abyssal skin Recommended mods to play with when playing as her Backpack and amulet slots. By charcl & blood raven Combined status. By mr.tiddles and boat struck Food allergies. By onlinelover and immensecraver More golden items. By alicedevil No cat roads. By charcl & lauren caustic sorrow Heads on a stick. By goodmandst & onlinelover Eat **** and die. By ****me & alicedevil CHIPS!. By dst fangirl & yourfriendlyneigbourhoodwebberlover Infinite food. By boat struck and blood raven Infinite tools. By boat struck and mr.tiddles Infinite clothes. By boat struck and blood raven Infinite weapons. By boat struck and alice devil People who made her Klei entertainment In conclusion Klei plz make mai and put her in like the winter’s feast update or with the new hook line and inker update coming this month just PLEASE put her in the game i don’t care if you change some of the stuff listed above and then implement her just PLZ implement her i beg you!!! Just plz i don’t care what her abilities are our if you change them i don’t care when you release her just PLZZZZZZZZZZZZ. (at least keep her animations and stuff that happens to her at full moon and the dress,bouquet and book) klei do this plz also I don't have to worry about this since I barely do it. it's still a good change overall also, when's hook line and inker coming out for dst?
  2. Laurence, does Elenor work on MacBook Pro? (that's the computer I'm using) if it does then WHY THE HECK DOES IT KEEP CRASHING??? I keep disabling even de-installing mods and the DLC's and it still d'sent freaking work! I'm using both version 2.3 and version 2.4 I don't know which one is the most recent version. in a nutshell PLZ UPDATE THE MOD ElinorV2.3.rar ElinorV2.4.rar
  3. I have the same issue, try it without RoG.
  4. Version 2.31


    original credit goes to Qfo (sorry if I spelled it wrong)