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Vacuum is floating around like a gas now

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Vacuum is consider a gas now and dont disappear.


Steps to Reproduce
Create vacuum and watch as it never disappear.
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A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

Oh yes, same issue. Can be seen perfectly on the thermal overlay, all the "very cold" bubbles floating around.

Somehow, also, the gas pressure of the CO2 at the bottom of my base is around 500 g/tile and the gas level rising upwards, while the O2 pressing on it should be and is at 1500 g/tile.

You can also see that my base filtration system (bottom right) is sitting right in the middle of the vacuum spot, so none of the CO2 is being sent out (usually the CO2 level has been kept steadily below the last floor level made fully of airflow tiles for the last 300+ cycles at least).

Screenshot 2018-09-05 17.10.07.png

Screenshot 2018-09-05 17.08.55.png

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I concur, I'm seeing the same thing, it seems to be related to CO2 in my base.

Build RU-284355


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This is also preventing other gasses to fill the space. This is preventing Oxygen from being generated as it is recognised as being over pressure.20180905181905_1.thumb.jpg.9a45aad81a6bea46c89901381878df78.jpg20180905181903_1.thumb.jpg.3711873a10020bc369426a26f3495b0d.jpg

Additional images show water supply and empty gas pipes.



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Yea I also there's plenty of funny stuff caused by it.. my system up there in my first reply that filters the CO2 out of the base is actually creating the vacuum bubbles in the first place when the pump works in low pressure gas.

And my Steam Geyser cooling system (which I'm just testing so I'm not sure if it works well)... the steam is sitting at a 100 degrees overpressurising and not condensing since there's vacuum filling the top row of the room which is full of tempshift places thempshift plates, touching metal tiles from the weezewort hydrogen chamber currently working their way down to 20 degrees temperature. Pretty sure that's not working well either and should condense the steam :) 

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