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  1. Unable to plant Wheezewort seed into flower pot but can in farm tile. Had to get seed from care package as there isn't any in the world. Not sure if it is this world seed or if a bug as I am on my first world. lu-8.sav
  2. Had the same issue. Saving and reloading fixed it, and got my dupes sleeping again
  3. hamet_interors - Hamlet Interior upgrade beta When loading a save or starting a new save I get a warning message (attached). When I click on Exit Game I get a not responding message and subsequently clock application. I tried leaving beta which works again, the problem is that all my characters are gone and I am back to the original character. I am new to this game so not sure if this is a bug or the way the game normally works.
  4. This is throughout the map, a few pockets have gasses in the rest are vacuum. This is on two different world gens The Sticky Timeline.sav The Radical Brigade.sav
  5. Not sure if entombed is the correct term as they can not be dug. If you dig a block next to the tile the graphics correct them self. The Sticky Timeline.sav
  6. The cheeks of Dupes with darker skin tone are lighter when eating. s2.sav
  7. As mentioned here. Deconstructing and rebuilding the wires gets them working again. Note: If using instant build to correct the issue you need to do whilst the game is un-paused. Otherwise it doesn't work.
  8. I'm also have the same issue, Under the status for the panel it says it is creating power however under the energy tab (when you click a wire) It shows as 0/380w. Enabled instant build to try different setups and here are some screenshots showing solar panel creating 380W Energy tab showing them creating 0W, with light overlay. Newly created solar panel in different tile, creating energy with animation . I deconstructed the blast doors and window tiles to see if this makes a difference, it did not. Type of wire connected has no effect. Tried on a new world with the same results.
  9. I've not come across this myself yet. However have you tried using debug mode? Either use the paint tool to paint germ free vacuum (this will reveal the whole astroid). Or use instant build (ctrl+F4) to build blocks in the space then deconstruct them. The latter is what I would try first as this to me is the least immersion breaking. This may need to be completed whilst un paused to allow for the vacuum to be destroyed.
  10. I have also noticed this. Although I'm not sure it is a bug. A Dupe requires sleep, however they do not need work. I created a schedule without work to troubleshoot a dupe starving despite having plenty of food. The warning of no sleep time was useful. A warning for not having work time could have got annoying. On the other hand had I forgot to transfer back to their normal schedule, it would have been useful then. #confused_emoji
  11. This is also preventing other gasses to fill the space. This is preventing Oxygen from being generated as it is recognised as being over pressure. Additional images show water supply and empty gas pipes.
  12. Hopefully the fix is in the next hotfix and not the current (RU-283743) as the only room being recognised in my game is an enclosed space. I shall wait until the next hotfix before creating a new bug report. Edit: After replacing a previously deconstructed tile (unday a door) all but the plumbed washrooms returned. The main reason for my reply is for a tip for postit2000.ttv. Only one sink/wash basin is required for it to be classed as either kind of wash room. This allows for more toilets, with the other sinks at the other side of the door. Hope this helps
  13. Don't think it is to do with the dismantling of the jobs board. I have same issue without dismantling (and at least 2 others there is another bug report).
  14. Having the same issue. If you click on the down arrow, all dupes are assigned. However the game does not recognise this (grill saying it is lacking the relevantly trained dupe).