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Duplicants wont build exosuits

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My duplicants wont build exosuits after the Cosmic Update. This had happened 2 games in a row. I have checked everything, and I have all the right resources, all the machinery built, there is power to the machines, and I can't find any skills that the dupes must have to make the suits. They won't fabricate the exosuits, and they won't deliver the materials to the forge. 

I have tried:
- Lowering the priority of everything else in the base, and raising the priority of the exosuit forge
- Lowering the priorities of every job for every dupe, except operating
- Disabling every job for a dupe, except operating
- Canceling the exosuit queue and reassigning the task
- Deconstructing and reconstructing the exosuit forge
- Building a second exosuit forge
- Exiting the game and booting it back up again

I don't know what else to try. This bug is extremely frustrating as I really need the suits to progress any further in the game. Please tell me if this isn't a bug and I am doing something wrong, but I can't find any other solution. 

oxygen not included - exosuit bug 1.png

oxygen not included - exosuit bug 2.png

oxygen not included - exosuit bug 3.png

Steps to Reproduce
I am on cycle 106 with 7 duplicants.

User Feedback

I can't see anything wrong with those screenshots (except it still need deliveries of some copper), and I don't have any problem with my exo forge. Check dupes that have supply and storage job.


If it doesn't solve it, probably uploading your save game?

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The only other thing I can imagine is the door is possibly obstructing the dupe who would usually be assigned. Or the missing copper is the cause and your upes are too busy doing other supply jobs, such as algae deoxydizers. The only other thing I can think of s you have something else accidently at priority 9....I do it all the time. but if you disabled other jobs then this shouldnt be the case

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I just had this issue. There seems to be something going on with priorities, as I had mine in job auto-prioritize and advanced mode. Once I reset the modes and put priorities back to default, dupes immediately made a delivery to the exo-suit forge.

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Having the same problem. Dupes will deliver 15kg of copper and then no more. There are plenty of resources available/accessible and I've set the forge to max priority.

As Jam said, this is very frustrating because it kills the game; it's doubly frustrating because this was reported 2 years ago and still hasn't been addressed.

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