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  1. My duplicants wont build exosuits after the Cosmic Update. This had happened 2 games in a row. I have checked everything, and I have all the right resources, all the machinery built, there is power to the machines, and I can't find any skills that the dupes must have to make the suits. They won't fabricate the exosuits, and they won't deliver the materials to the forge. I have tried: - Lowering the priority of everything else in the base, and raising the priority of the exosuit forge - Lowering the priorities of every job for every dupe, except operating - Disabling every job for a dupe, except operating - Canceling the exosuit queue and reassigning the task - Deconstructing and reconstructing the exosuit forge - Building a second exosuit forge - Exiting the game and booting it back up again I don't know what else to try. This bug is extremely frustrating as I really need the suits to progress any further in the game. Please tell me if this isn't a bug and I am doing something wrong, but I can't find any other solution.