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Weird Rubber Crockpot sound

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So, Me and some friends ( @Lumberlocke & @-Variant) have experienced the weirdest bug ever.

When we host our own servers and open crockpots, the regular and warlys. Have this weird rubber sound effect when opening them/closing them. However when we join a pub or another server the rubber sound effect is not there. We have been driven mad by this, It is not a mod as we have tested with and without server and client mods.


Steps to Reproduce

1. Host a server 2. Open/Close a crockpot 3. Notice weird rubber sound 4. Join a pub/someone elses server 5. Open/close crockpot 6. Notice there is no weird rubber sound.

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User Feedback

It's super weird! It's been appearing on absurd things too, like Crockpots, Backpacks, and Chester. Super bizarre!

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