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  1. These were existing sounds but it was costing us some valuable CPU so i had to rework how they played. [Game Update] - 312201 thanks for listening
  2. Yes! i found this bug, ill be submitting a fix today. Thanks for your post!
  3. Hamlet Woodlegs Walking Sound Bug

    should see it in the next update, thanks for your post!
  4. Hamlet Woodlegs Walking Sound Bug

    Looking into this now
  5. Lagging sound

    ill look into this as well.
  6. Confirmed bug friends looking into it now.
  7. Snaptooth fly trap

    Changed Status to Fixed
  8. Changed Status to Known Issue
  9. New clay mobs howls are loud.

    Looking into it now Jantonio
  10. [beta] Crocodogs incoming no sound

    This is vital to Crocodog survival..... I'm looking into this right now
  11. Cave dwelling stink bat..... or a really small man trapped in a jar....
  12. How did you stack your own nose? yours truly mr befuddled