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  1. Okay, so I really, really liked your ideas and just wanted to doodle em' quick!
  2. RWYS rejuvenated the farming mechanic in such a way that it has become my favorite update in the entire Don't Starve franchise.
  3. If we get new biome alternatives akin to the variation found in twigs and berries (i.e: twiggy trees, juicy berry bushes), I would personally love to see a foggy forest alternative to the dark forest that has the ominous graveyard fog, possibly limiting sight.
  4. I remember this idea I had for a lunar rainforest with non-stop rain. Might be a fun way to encourage use of rain protection equipment?
  5. The event is cozy and wholesome. I like it! I was so ready to drop some money into new skins, but there was none. That's fine though, I wholeheartedly welcome this new seasonal event!
  6. Hands down, Victorian collection is my favorite. psst, speaking of which, can we get a decorative shrub skin for hay walls?
  7. Honestly, if they went the simple addition Wigfrid route and just gave her tape the ability to repair tools/armor that'd be enough for me.
  8. I still think Waverly could bring endless potential as a witch, she'd certainly tap into the lesser used "magic" half of the game's science and magic setting. Not sure if she would take away from Wickerbottom, but then again Wicker still has yet to receive a refresh, so maybe they could make the two of them different enough.
  9. I agree with Maxwell's jacket. Come to think of it, Wickerbottom has a similar inconsistency with her portrait as well. Though I feel like their designs have been unaltered for so long that they've become pretty staple to their appearance ever since the original.
  10. I strongly believe so. I really liked the idea someone here had of just giving Wilson the ability to revive players without the HP penalty. A simple, yet respectable perk. That, and maybe some more psuedo-science/magic biz using his beard hair. Maybe even a growth formula? The reason I think Wilson truly needs a rework (after ya boi Webber) is because he's no longer the best beginner character, Wendy by far excels Wilson in all regards, giving the player a companion that feeds them with easy morsels and eviscerates hounds/other player threats. Wilson is *supposed* to grow a beard, but if the new player dies before that happens, he's got nothing.
  11. I mean, I guess a projection of Wagstaff could become a playable character, if that's what Klei wanted. They could write it off as Wagstaff studying the survivors, or something, though he does seem more invested in the celestial energy...
  12. I like the chaotic cooperative nature of Bee Queen's fight. She's my favorite boss to fight in a group. I especially like how she uses a unique form of armor as the most effective way to fight her, being Beekeeper Hats.
  13. Swamp as Wurt, easy to navigate, fight, and farm when you've got that permanent turf speed buff. Though I do sometimes pitchfork the swamp turf and bring it to wherever the main base is made.
  14. Y'know, all this talk about wanting the darker tones and themes to come back would do wonders in an update to insanity... Maybe there could be an update chain involving the nightmares/Charlie fighting back the celestial forces that includes an insanity overhaul (game gets creepier the less sanity you have, more nightmares, dull colors, new appearances, etc.)