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  1. Honestly I'm not sure I want to vote here, I don't really mind who or what they throw at us, I'm hype.
  2. I opt to use the chest skins! Some even help me visualize which resources should go in which chests. (I.e: Brute Case for Monster Drops, Calico Chester for rocks/gold/flint, Steamer Trunk for woodstuffs, etc.)
  3. I thought he was added as a thank you to the players who still support Don't Starve, adding him to DST would sorta tarnish that. As for "he was minutes apart from Winona", safe to say the constant has a different concept of time. I still stand-by my opinion that he would make a better mystery character if he was kept in Don't Starve. Winona and WX-78 fill his shoes just fine. (Winona inheriting his inventive thinking and WX-78 being a physical construct for Wagstaff's desire to learn)
  4. I actually just had a dream last night involving Waverly, she had the weirdest playstyle but I loved it(?) She had this on demand Witch's cloak that shrouded her from sunlight and hostile mobs at the cost of movement speed, and I think in the dream she lost health in the daylight? She also had this living log wand thing that you had to imbue with a certain ingredient to cast a specific spell, like this one that turned a sapling into a twiggy tree using twigs as the ingredient, and one where you could turn most small mobs into frogs with frog legs as the ingredient.
  5. I wish they'd all become weavable without having to wait a couple years for the character's refresh. The "rarity" hype is over, let people enjoy dressing up.
  6. My theory on the "portal" is that it'll teleport us to the moon itself. As another shard? Maybe not, they could simply create a mass of land outside of the map to teleport to, so one wouldn't have to load an entire new shard. New lunar biomes, resources, and perhaps more endgame content on the moon?
  7. I might have to wait until after my 8 hour shift today at 12, and I don't even have mobile, so I'll be pumped the entire day just thinking about the potential roadmap today.
  8. I don't see why not, as long as the server is indicated with an appropriate "difficulty" icon of some sorts. Harder difficulty, harder presets. Might make the game feel more "starving together"-like.
  9. Depends on the person. For me personally, I have 4,996.9 hours in DST compared to 55.3 hours on Terraria.
  10. This all just seems really suspicious to me. I certainly wouldn't want "monetized mods" as part of my future portfolio.
  11. I'm expecting mid/late February, not sure where the idea it'd release today came from.
  12. Entirely a Wurt main after RWYS came out. She makes such a good farmer!
  13. merm for life I really enjoy Wurt, even when I'm not using her full potential! If I'm playing on public servers where the Merm King's resources aren't available, I get by just fine being a farmer that benefits more from vegetables, plus being able to hire a legion of Merms to gather resources for everyone is just... fun? There's something welcoming about playing as a character with a sense of belonging. (sorta like Webber, except spiders are only good at dying. More monster meat for him, I guess?) I also grew more attached to the character when they implemented the wetness tolerance a few of us were really hoping for. (thanks Klei, big love.) The only thing I find funny is that Merms won't give a hoot if Wurt is attacked, but go full murder party when another Merm is attacked. Balance reasons, I guess. My only other complaint is there is no way to make Merms friendly to non-merms faster (I know the Clever Disguise exists, but I can't seem to find anyone fast enough to save them from getting punched.), so far the fastest I've summoned a Merm King has been Day 14 on a solo world, maybe I'm bad, but if anybody has any tips I'd be happy to listen!