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  1. I don't mind what they have in store for us, I'm excited either way. An update is an update.
  2. Seasonal Effects/Interactions. Following the ocean based theme of Return of Them, I would love to the ocean become more connected to the mainland, not directly, but through seasons. I think that would go a long way into making the ocean feel like a natural fit in the world. Couple of the ideas I loved from Hornete was the iceberg sheets that you could get on and row around, possibly inhabiting unique mobs/pengulls, and what I would love to see (if possible) would be a gigantic land shaped creature/entity that basically acts like a moving biome, travelling the ocean. Something akin to the Lion Turtle from The Last Airbender? Lastly, I loved the idea of submerged ruins that resurfaced with possible lore regarding the ancients, perhaps there could be a puzzle involved where you and others have to hop onto small pieces of a big ol' ancient puzzle and row the pieces in the right spots to reveal some treasure? (Wait a minute, this isn't a sentence. Darn.)
  3. I don't really see a use for cannons, really. I feel like a harpoon would be much more conventional to retain aggro on sea mobs that like to flee.
  4. My personal biggest wish for a Quality of Life update would have to be a farming update of any kind. I absolutely adored how the crops worked in the Gorge, and would love to see something similar to that. Maybe we could even get some of the newer crops to appear as wild crops out in the open? Perhaps they could even be locked behind specific biomes, like dark forest for potatoes, and maybe reintroducing the mushrooms from the gorge as a swamp crop? I think that could go a long way for a nice quality of life update for Wurt, Warly, and everyone else.
  5. I'd personally choose Webber, but a Wilson/Wes rework would also be greatly appreciated.
  6. I dunno, I think it's supposed to be different since Wormwood is a constant-born/moon-born entity. The DLC characters already look so drastically different from the rest of the cast, and I think that's on purpose. I think it's fine that they aren't following the human survivor's themes, as they stand out enough in their default appearances to have these interesting new variations of the existing sets.
  7. I love the return of the Gorge clothes, thank you, Klei! Smelter Woodie Woodie's Gorge Garb, Blacksmith's Gloves, Botanist's Trousers
  8. Other streamers who play Don't Starve Together. You'll know when twitch drops are available from the stream when you see Drops Enabled! on their channel.
  9. Saw a few people complain that they were having troubles launching older worlds, when I created a new world it seemed just fine, but apparently older worlds will just give you a loading fail error.
  10. Thank you so very much for the Gorge clothing! These new outfits are absolutely spectacular! I LOVE Wilson's Verdant!
  11. I honestly love your suggestions, they're well thought out and would definitely have me more interested in playing Wurt. I wonder why nearby Merms don't instantly aggro on anything that attacks Wurt... do they not consider her one of them?
  12. Aw man, looking at this makes me wish we had so many more cooking options similarly to the Gorge. This just looks awesome.
  13. I like the idea of vegetables/fruits "replanting" themselves upon harvest up to 2-3 times, and possibly along the ability to dig up the crop if we no longer desire to grow it.