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  1. Well, I'm not talking a full screen radius night vision. I like Canis' proposed radius, with the same sanity drain. Best of both worlds, you get the spider half's night vision and the child half's fear of the dark.
  2. Why do none of the monster characters feel like... monsters? (besides Wortox) i.e: having little to no traits associated with their species, like how Webber, part spider, cannot see in the dark. Does Charlie crawl into the spider to attack the kid? Or how Wurt shares none of her species' tolerance to water and being out at dusk/night. Also, Merms don't protect Wurt like they do each other. How cruel!
  3. The original Don't Starve was complex, too. At least when you first start out. I find when you learn a game on your own/with little help it grows on you that much more because of the feeling of connecting two and two together. In Don't Starve Together's case, that experience can be doubled, tripled even, depending on how many others you are learning with.
  4. #1: For the team at Klei to enjoy what they work on and for them to have fun doing so. 2 - 5? Eh, couldn't ask for more. DST is already perfect to me, but the future is exciting.
  5. Wilderness. Nah, I'm kidding. Survival. Come to think of it, I'd like a variation of Survival with random spawns for that true lost feeling.
  6. From my perspective, if you don't like character swapping, you don't have to character swap. It's not like the game auto forces a new character upon you.
  7. Over the days I've come to appreciate Wurt just a little more for being just so easy to feed, giving me more time to dedicate towards gathering supplies. You don't need snack breaks if a couple o' birds can sustain your entire Autumn!
  8. Nothing boils m'blood more than the discrimination of characters. I can't stand watching innocent Willow/Wes players just looking for a good time being booted because of who they chose/got assigned by random.
  9. and now I'm noticing the two entirely different hair styles. From the side by side comparison they almost look like entirely different characters. Walter's in-game appearance looks so much younger than his animated short counterpart's teenager look.
  10. Hey, just had a quick question, I joined a mid-spring server as Wurt, with about 5 days left till' Summer. There was heavy rain and I was soaked to 100, but I continued to sit at a comfy 15 - 30 in terms of temperature. Is this normal, or was it too close to Summer? Could've sworn I would freeze before. edit: I wasn't near any heating source, no insulation gear, nothing.
  11. Where's the worth in an item that is so expensive that players usually have a 1/???% chance of even seeing it? At that point, why should it even exist? I feel like this heirloom system makes it more fair for everyone. Nobody has to feel like a victim of the market's egregious prices.
  12. I know, right?! Such incredible details, probably the most intricate skin they've made yet, just look at that walk cycle!
  13. For some reason I've always pictured WX-78's animated short featuring a part where they come awake for the first time on a table as a blurry image of Wagstaff is wandering the office space. It then fades to a scene where they're outside for the first time, just taking everything in, when suddenly a butterfly lands on WX-78's palm. They stare at it for a small period, almost as if it enjoys beauty, before the programming kicks in and they just absolutely squish the thing, soullessly staring. With Wagstaff standing in the back as a silhouette or something.
  14. From my personal opinion, I think more randomization would do wonders for the game's atmosphere and environment. I've always liked the idea of more random weather occurrences, like a light fog, cloudy days with very light cosmetic rain, perhaps even clouds that cast a shadow as they pass overhead, some wind that could rustle trees and perhaps some more animated grass/flora like in Hamlet. Ooh, maybe even some typical forest details such as fallen trees, mushrooms (perhaps like those ones on logs from the gorge!), etc.