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claus and Crab King bug

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@JoeW@Jason@PeterA@nome   Sir!  Today I brought some bug feedback,It's about Claus and Crab King,First is Claus.

When the player fights with Klaus and hits Klaus ’health to only need one more attack to knock him down and put him into the second form,Don't knock him down directly. First freeze him with a frozen wand and then knock him down.If you use this method to put Claus into the second form, after standing up, he and his eyeless deer will stay in place. then he will not attack the player. I uploaded a demo picture of this bug. I hope it can help you fix this bug.

GIF 2020-5-25 15-57-50.gif

Steps to Reproduce

The crab king's bug is still in the current version. You can use the test suit method to push him to the shore with a boat. It is very simple to kill.and because the king crab's refresh mechanism is refreshed at the place where he died, so use this boat to push him to the shore bug and then kill him next time after he will directly refresh the shore, there is no need to use the boat to push him. Kill as soon as he refreshes.at the same time I hope to modify his refresh position mechanism to prevent such cheating.

I hope to fix this bug that can move the position of the crab king with a boat or any other item. The demo picture of the bug comes from another player thanks for his sharing and feedback.





User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

@JoeW@PeterA@Jason@ScottHansen  Good afternoon sir! Today I brought the severlog file related to the bug mentioned by Claus in this post.The steps to implement this bug are the same as before.

step1.Use the normal method to attack Klaus until it takes only one more hit to knock him down and put him into the second form.

step2.Then don't attack him directly, freeze him with a frozen wand. and knock him down. After he fell and stood up again into the second form,He won't attack players anymore,The same is true for eyeless deer.I hope this log file I used to test this bug will help you fix it.

I am currently unable to contact the player who provided the crab king's bug, but this bug obviously uses the crab king's refresh mechanism and a bug that can push him to the shore using something like a boat.This is how it works.If I have a log file related to this bug later, I will post it here, I will try my best.Thank you!


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