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  2. Yes in the master_postinit of your character.lua
  3. What I mean is that when all the overhauls have been done will the Rose, Triumphant, Survivor, and Guest of Honor sets by able to be purchased in full for all the characters at once?
  4. hah you didnt spend $20+ on a wendy skin what a dork
  5. DIBS ON BEING THE ANCIENT KING! I even got a gem for a construction amulet!
  6. I'm still a little mad about the 2 skins that were given for buying shipwrecked and RoG as i bought both when they came out and never got the skins for that, a few people did figure out a way to get them, but most of us did not(PS4). It was a highly debated topic for us for quite awhile and then we just collectively gave up, as that was at a time when Klei kinda treated the console side as more of a nuisance then a customer base. Now this last year Klei has truly shown us some love and realized that were pretty darn loyal even when we don't get everything we want.
  7. Swimmin' DST

    A lot of characters mention they can't swim, be it via SW or DST
  8. There is a reason why certain skins are rewards for certain actions. Taking that purpose away from them destroys the purpose of "reward" titles. There are better Firepit Skins than Bottomless Pit.
  9. How do you claim Webber’s Webrolly on PS4?

    For now it is impossible to get them on console, but us console players keep hoping Klei will find a way to make it possible again.
  10. Dunno if this is a glitch influenced by a mod I have or something else, but it erased ALL my games. @Aurorus had this problem too. Fortunately, I'm too pumped to care. Thanks, Klei! Love ya! I'm super excited to test all this out, it's all I've thought about this week.
  11. Walls are not our enemies lol

    Its not really a bug it was designed that way, but i agree it truly can be annoying. Where it aggravates me the most is my mole farm, try to hit the moles and more often then not my character targets a wall, i've made it bigger so i'd have less of a chance to target the walls and still find myself hitting them. You didn't forget to mention PS4 this is the PS4 section, so it was there mistake not yours. No worries though at least they were trying to help.
  12. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    M Y B R A N D
  13. Today
  14. Mod dont work and I dont know why....

    It says that on line 167, you are trying to use the variable 'start_inv', but it is not declared, as in not available. You deleted the 'start_inv' variable in your character prefab LUA code.
  15. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    "He has special eyes."
  16. This has been happening to compost piles as well.
  17. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

  18. Can't find the Aporkalypse Calendar. Need help!

    For the future you can buy coconades on the weapons shop if you cant get gunpowder and they can open cracks as well
  19. Dont need to go very far. Fire up a test scenario in a 4 tall room, spawn a couple packets of po2 with about 1000 germs each (lowballing) and have the dupes run through them like it is a well traveled area. If they don't get exposed, then my game is broken. I am playing with normal immunity, and none of my dupes have negative immunity traits.
  20. Showing off your outfits [2] an abundance of eyes. And as usual, things look SO DIFFERENT when you do basically the same deal, but change the art style radically. : P Here's what I've been wearing in the beta, because...why not. Decided to try for a red "evening gown" kinda thing. Willow's Magmatic top, Wendy's mourning/Victorian gloves, her standard default skirt and tights, and Wes's Halloween shoes. I don't have any of her fancy heads, but I dunno, I think it looks kinda cool... ...Notorious
  21. This is more of a consultation than a direct how-to question. I implemented a feature that temporarily adds a tag to a specific target (can be anything that can do combat), and now I'd like to give this effect some visual representation, but I don't know what. I tried tinting the target red (by setting AnimState:SetMultColour(1, 0.5, 0.5, 1)), and while it worked, I'm not sure it's a good idea - A. because it might not be too noticeable, especially for reddish entities; B. because I think it might clash with other places setting color multipliers; and C... pretty sure I had a C when I started typing this sentence but I forgot it already. O_o I thought maybe to put a ring on the ground around it, but I'm not sure how to do that and it would also need to be scaled based on the target's size. Also I think if I did that then I'd want the back of the ring to be hidden by the character, another something I don't know how to do. Another idea is an aura, but I think just adding a light source would make it difficult to see exactly which entity is the target when there are several around. Also it has gameplay ramifications at night which I'd rather not have. Would be easy to abuse. So any feasible ideas on how to mark the target (and if possible an ideas on how to implement them) would be appreciated. If it helps, it's possible that only specific players will be able to see this marking (I already know how to implement that part). Thanks in advance. =)
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  23. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    three rlly dumb things i made. Ewecus and gorge ones were made today, wortox was like a month or two ago. all are really sloppily made lol
  24. Upon relog, if a bird is in a cage before the cage will be empty.
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