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unlimited critter delivery/drop-off

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The question why critters are not delivered, popped up a few times recently. Thus maybe it's worth posting a solution more prominent:

2 doors (=a room) and a little bit of automation lets your dupes drop off an unlimited amount of critters:


A room (even an open ranch) accepts only 20 critters to be dropped of in it. The solution is building a 1 tile wide room, that opens it's floor while whichever critter is delivered. The critter drops in the open farm/pit et voilá. After closure the rooms is empty again and accepts the next critter to be delivered.


However while the floor is open, no other critter is accepted. So if 2 critters are on the way to be delivered at the very same instant, the second will be dropped on the ground midway as soon as the critter drop-off lost it's foundation.



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I've been using a clock sensor connected to a door to do the same thing for some time, just set it to only work when your ranchers are sleeping for like 1% of the cycle and it's sorted. Also you can connect multiple doors rather than worrying about the pressure plate setup.

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cool setup.     I kind of realized   critters weren't being dropped off  for drop off points that have over 20.

it was more of a pain in the butt trying to collect and relocate all the wild dreckos crawling all over the map.

what I ended up doing was building a caged room with the drop off inside it but left all the doors open.  so my dupes would drop them off whenever the count in the tiny room dropped below 20.

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