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  1. @KonfigSys pliers :you can disconnect two pipes, wire, etc.
  2. must be in vanilla game : Pliers Sweep by type QOL Bigger zoom out (not compatible with new asteroid system design and alt S work) Blueprint Geyser calculation (can be calculated manually) Deconstructable POI Props
  3. in my pov the worst is to dig 1000kg and receive back 500 kg a black hole eat my game and my material xD but it's a fun game with +2k hours played
  4. Alt +S and zoom once or twice and shorcut came back
  5. Same problem here log in Steam\steamapps\common\OxygenNotIncluded OxygenNotIncluded.rar
  6. Great Day Hard work Thank you Klei ! After 1200h it's launch ! and hope can make same number of hours played than early acces!
  7. great Decor plants once again count towards a Room's decor requirements.
  8. Black hole after load at start for me
  9. basic tiles and scan door can be Deconstruct ! THX !!!!