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Liquid valves not working over 5kg/s

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Liquid flow valves don't seem to be working correctly for any flow rate over 5k for me.

I am setting the valve to 7600, the flow rate seems to output one packet of ~9.2kg and another of ~4kg, while both patckets sum to 7.6k, I would expect the packets to be equal.  As a work around, I'm having to place two valves and set one to 5kg and the other to 2.6kg.

Can anyone else confirm this please.

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I'm not bouncing packets.

The feed for this system is a two liquid storage (offscreen) individually directly connected to the input pipes, which is full and being fed by two seives, which are both currently filling the container and stocked with sand.  You'll just have to take my word on that.

Here you can see the packet of 4.8kg  The flow is set to 7.6kg  Other packets are at 7.6kg.  Although I can't see any of 9kg.  I just dropped into sandbox and remade the offending issue.


This version, you can see the 6.4kg packet, the packet behind this one is 9.2kg. Which also has a 1.6kg input on the top valve.


Same as above, just to show the 9.2kg packet


Here, is the double valve, which is set to 7.6kg and has been working fine for many cycles.


I am suspecting that this isn't a valve issue, but rather a liquid storage issue, that they only output what is input in that frame, rather than output a full 10kg packet regardless of it's fill level. which is transferring to these valves.

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The issue is the behavior of shutoffs. Unlike bridges, a shutoff will transport fluid to it's output pipe only when that pipe segment is completely empty. Imagine a shutoff with 10 kg in it's exit, one second later it is down to 2.4 kg. The shutoff will not pass any fluid at that point. One more second later and the shutoff exit is empty and the shutoff will pass fluid (presumably 10 kg). The problem is that the 2.4 kg packet is less than what the valve needs and the valve ends up alternately passing 7.6 kg and 4.8 kg (2.4 leftover plus the 2.4 from the shutoff exit). 

You can "fix" this by adding space between the shutoff and valve, how much space depends on what the valve is set to. Or redo the plumbing so that you don't have a shutoff closely followed by a valve. What are you even trying to accomplish in the first place? I see no utility with that shutoff, valve, and reservoir configuration.

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This is a heat exchange unit, I mix 95c water with 40c water, equalizing to 50c, which is chilled by the PW on the other side.

The valve has very much utility.  If the flow of cold PW ceases, it shuts off the 50c water to the heat exchange, as I do't want 50c water, which isn't good for Bristle's.  It also closes if the water backs up.  The reservoir is just there due to many failed attempts at fixing the inconsistent flow rates, I'll probably remove it, however it's working now so there is little incentive for me fixing it.

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@Craigjw I was under the impression that heat exchangers worked better with hydrogen, petroleum, or water than with metal tiles, since radiant pipes get a buff to temperature exchange with gasses/liquids. Am I completely wrong or is there some other reason you use metal tile there?

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Gold is cheap and the construction and maintenance is easy.

This started out as a 6x2 tiles heat exchange very early game, it's been extended to about 40 tiles wide and is actually really efficient.

In any case, I don't see how using any of these mediums would benefit.  I could immerse the PW and Water pipes in hydrogen, but that would be a headache if any of the pipes broke, same goes for immersing them in petrol.

It also takes less than a cycle to build a several metal tiles and pipes, while it takes forever to fill the same volume with hydrogen, petrol or something else.

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