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chemical reactions

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It would be kind of cool if certain kinds of chemical reactions - exothermic and endothermic - would happen when two gases of different types were next to each other.

For instance, if oxygen and hydrogen are next to each other at the spontaneous ignition temperature (500 degrees) or if there's an ignition source (say, an overheating wire), they should combine to form steam and a lot of heat.

Sour gas (hydrogen sulfide?) could react with chlorine and heat to generate sulphur and hydrogen and less chlorine. Normally that would produce hydrogen chloride, but for gameplay simplicity some sacrifices would probably have to be made.

Anyway, could be fun.

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Chemical reactions (and fire) is something I have always wanted in this game. It may cost a bit of performance to make it happen, but I can definitely see this as something coming down the line. If not before exiting early access, then as DLC.

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