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Any plans for a planning tool?

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35 minutes ago, zBertrand said:

Just curious if they're any plans of it in the upcoming future? Would be nice to have.. you can plan with prebuilt stuff but it cost materials & if its in dupes range, they will actually build it/

Yeah. I've been wanting the ability to "save" room blueprints to be able to just toss down my usual designs without having to manually build them every time. 

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Sorry, without a planning tool they can not plan one...


by the way, in a way there is actually already a debug tool which lets one save everything selected (except electrical wire connection directions), however it also (re)places everything (except buried objects). I'd suppose it would not be that difficult to transform into only copying buildings and placing them as blueprints. 

It could certainly happen if requested well enough. They are currently working on Quality of Life updates so it may happen soon but currently other stuff has higher priority.

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1 hour ago, SakuraKoi said:

(except electrical wire connection directions

Electrical wires and logics connections are now properly saved and restored in the live_test_branch
They should include a friendly use of the .yaml files as blueprints in sandbox mode imo.

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