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About connecting worlds - inconsistencies and improvements

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Dear fellow survivors, dear game developpers,

I would like to address an issue regarding consistency problems related to traveling between worlds.

The first issue has already been adressed in another post and is minor -compared to the other one- in my opinion. This is that the seaworthy only allows to travel between rog and sw while the skyworthy allows to basically go everywhere, which is weird because for instance when you go from hamlet to an existing rog world where there already is a seaworthy there - but not a skyworthy - then you will spawn near the seaworthy.

The second issue is the consistency of the traveling mechanism regarding former worlds. I wanted to connect my RoG-SW which I had for a long while (2 years I'd say) and turns out that I can. Somewhat. I started a hamlet world and when I finally was able to craft the skyworthy, which I did, I could connect the hamlet world to my existing RoG-SW world (provided my character in the other world was in RoG and not SW for some reason). The problem is, there is no coming back. In previously generated world, there are no deflated balloons to hammer to get the silly can, and there is no coming back since (see my first point) the seaworth does not allow to go to hamlet. So basically you're trapped in RoG-SW.

Since my base is in RoG, I had this idea that maybe if I jumpworld in SW, the world generation would generate the deflated balloon, but I tried and it doesnt. It seems that since this world is already connected to RoG, it only generates a seaworthy. And when I tried to seek for the deflated balloon using the console command, the prefab does not even appear in the autocomplete bar on the right, which could mean the game does not even know it exists in this save. However, if you start in Hamlet then travel to SW, there will be both a seaworthy to travel to RoG and also a deflated balloon, which means it is definitely possible and intended to travel between the 3 different DLCs.

I would really like the developpers to clarify what they intend with this traveling mechanism, and to fix the inconsistencies that are related to it. The fact that this is possible to connect all 3 dlcs is definitely awesome, yet it would be pointless if it does not actually work with former worlds, since a lot of players (me included) have bases / megabases which they wont rebuild from scratch in order to have access to hamlet content.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the matter.

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