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QoL Upgrade - New room suggestion for morale bonus

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Hello dear printed fellows !

So huh... I was just thinking than the QoL cool new upgrade could add some new rooms for morale boost during the downtime of the duplicants,

like specific conditions Recreation Rooms :


Here, an exemple : The Spa room

To me, this can be a very fun way to make the water kinda friendly towards the duplicants ^^ Such as the water always give them the "Soggy Feet" effect

I present you the Towel Rack, a structure than will give you this Towel Hat to cancel the Soggy Feet effects if it's in the Spa Room,

you can rotate the rack like a Exosuit Dock to show the way to the water and when duplicants can equip/remove the Towel Hat when they enter/exit the room


The Room Criteria :

- Minimum & maxium room size : 12 - 64 Tiles

- Including a 20+ decoration item

- Also a Recreational building OR a Massage table

- Global clean water source around 35 °c - 37 °c (i've choose this fork following the in-game Thermal Tolerance Overlay)

- No industrial machinery

- And of course, at least one Tower Rack


If the water is sufficiently warm as according to the room criteria, the right duplicants (have a Towel Hat and entered the water) will get a nice morale bonus (let's say +3 or +4) :wilson_wink:

I hope you guys like the concept and... welp we'll see what this update have to offer :)

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Woah! Did you design that stuff on your own (like the towel rack!) That's really cool!

I do really like the idea, but for such a complicated (its not that complicated, just compared to other rooms), Id say a much higher morale bonus, and maybe a speed bonus too?

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