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Madbro’s tree’s ideas MKII

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Hello guys! (•ω•)/


Here comes one thing:

Madbro’s Trees ideas (MKII)!

(I’ve gone nutz... as usual)


Well guys, somehow I finally having a tree idea which might fits the cave enviornment of the underground.

Introducing the tree: The Plusewood.

This tree is exclusively dwelling underground. I hope to have it in a brand new biome.

This tree is a beautiful tree that would be a bit like sci-fi styled stuff.

To grow a tree you’ll need a larger farm tile to do that (as common sense).


Here I have suggested a set of requirements for growing Plusewood.


1. Gas requirement

Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Polluted Oxygen, Hydrogen, Chlorine.

2. Pressure requirement

1000g-10kg gas pressure

3. Fertilization (When farmed)

Phosphorite 10kg per cycle


-50°C to 80°C


Here is what it produces:

1. Pulse Herb (yields per 5 cycles)

A high-quality ingredient that can add some extraordinery taste to your food. Used in luxury food like cakes.

Harvesting it resets its growth to 80%.

2. Wood (When growth = 60%, optional)

Chopping it down can provide you a decorating, insulating but flammable material “wood”. weights 2000kg.



On the other hand I have come with another new form of wood supply.

It is buried however it is visable.

That is the wild roots. However you can’t expect it can spread because they’re dead. Dig it out can provide you 100kg wood.



Lastly I have to think about more uses of wood... That should be hard, because in underground minerals dominated most of the building material choices.

How about making a wooden sculpture?

Painting frames can also be wooden.

Wooden plank tiles can be nice for flooring :)

Burn it into fine charcoal in a kiln... And actually it should be refined carbon.

As an insulation suggested by someone, with its heat conductivity similar to genetic oozes.



Well guys, what do you think?

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Also the idea of new dupe names, tree related ones and others:

Dagobert Timber , Pimela Sawdust , Noice Glitchack , Twice Tadedious , Oak Ecks Ploit , Amanda Klei , Jeronimo Crash, Johnson Woodscrue , Full Ram , Foe de Eldahly , Squae Wheelz , Torben Clay , Reel Meal Wood , Cee Peeh Uh , Di Baag Mohd , Clae Clai , Eliah Woodz , Will Chair , Sleet Whead Baehr , Komm Uta , Rok et Leeph, Tzingle Khor, Woodie Wandoola

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaagh ! Ork me like wood lots, give me wood and I give you bones.image.png.d5bbc3462ac146b358ff42ddc2a620ed.png

Out of the darkness we will rise. Into the light we will dwell. We came to rule the world with muse in arms. We are the clouds in the skies. We are the storm and the tides. We are the wind and the rain. The Sun and the Moon. And the end of all time.

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