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Did dupes stop finger gunning eachother?

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So I remember a couple months ago, dupes would like finger gun each other sometimes, Just to say hi. 

Does this happen anymore? I haven't noticed them doing it anymore. If they are, can someone send a pic of one of them? I wanna make it my desktop background.

This is really important to me.

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It was introduced in the expressive update and while I have yet to normally play the preview, I doubt they removed it and it is present in the current release version (Space Industry). It is basically triggered when they "see a friend" or so the stress relief bonus reads and is done whenever dupes pass by each others (instead of having one pass another who is working, that would usually result in appreciation).

I'm now tempted to make tests on duplicant's expression, for science (gamepedia) to get more precise data (not quite sure how the third, "Pleasant Chitchat" is different to "Saw Friend") but alas... I'm tired (even though it is just 1am) and will probably forget about this by tomorrow~

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