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The Fatigue Mod v0.1


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The Fatigue Mod v0.1 - WiP

I'm really excited to present this mod to you all. This was a feature I had thought of when I first started playing the game and have always wanted to see it get implemented. Now, with the help of my good buddy [MENTION=4538]Moonkis[/MENTION], we've collaborated and started designing a mod that suits this exact desire....Fatigue.

Version 0.1

- Compatible with the Insanity update -HF1


- durability still goes down with every hit on tools, even with fatigue


What this mod does is if your hunger (future versions will include health, too) drops down too low, you get physically tired. What that means is that it will take you longer to:

- Chop wood

- Mine rocks

- Hammer something down

- Cook food

- Craft items

- Build structures

- Gather anything

(eg: berries, twigs, farmplot, etc; this does not include picking up items from the ground)

The lower your stats, the more fatigued you become. Not only should you not starve, you now have to make sure your belly's FULL.


Version 0.1:

-First release


The current version of this mod configures the files:



*You need some sort of archiving software installed: 7zip, WinRAR, etc.


1. Download from the link above.

2. Locate your Don't Starve scripts folder. (steam\steamapps\common\dont_starve\data\scripts)

3. Replace the files in the scripts folder and sub-folders with the ones found in the download.

4. Start the game and enjoy!

*Always remember to back up your files!


- Going to add health in to the equation as well

- Probably add more layers "fatigue"

- Fatigue will eventually have an affect on your damage as well.

- Configure the character strings to say things relating to fatigue

- Always can use a good tuning :)

- Maybe other stuff...

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