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  1. Will there be PvP and will this be built compatible with the Reign of Giants DLC when it's officially released?
  2. I'll definitely be following this mod for quite a while, I've bookmarked it and will be checking daily. ^.^ I don't have any "real" coding experience, mostly just adding and changing functions, but I learn fast if it matters to you at all. As for what the person above me (doom) said, I really wouldn't like only having one chester. My main concern about multiplayer would be that there won't be ENOUGH resources for two people to survive reliably, and limiting chester for example isn't in my opinion a very good idea. Of course, after a stable working build is out, an .ini could do the trick.
  3. Everybody is constantly telling everybody to use armor, I don't get it. The only time I seem to need armor is frog rain...
  4. Yep. The "smallcreature" tag is still a valid target.
  5. You can't do it that easily, because then they'd never attack monsters. Seth showed me some code, I can hook you up with it. I'll edit the details into this post. Go to here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\dont_starve\data\DLC0001\scripts\prefabs Open up "catcoon.lua" with some type of text editor, preferably some type of notepad, and then go line 95, replacing the old string with this one: return ((guy:HasTag("monster") and not guy:HasTag("player") or guy:HasTag("smallcreature")) andWhat this does is check to see if the monster doesn't also have the "player" tag. It exempts Webber.
  6. It would cause the spiders to attack him. For what we want, we'd need 3 new calls. (I think) One for the spiders to investigate him, another for him to not lose sanity from "monster" foods, and another to stop animals from attacking him on sight. (the last of which isn't what I want, but meh)
  7. In webber's prefab file, it says that he "triggerscreep = false", which is why the spiders don't come out to investigate him. But it is also why he doesn't get slowed down by it. So if you set that to true, the spiders will investigate him, but he will also be slowed down.
  8. In my worlds, the spider followers are NOT permanent. They do have the "AoE hire" thing going on, but they only seem to stay for maybe 2.5 days.
  9. Your download is corrupted or something, my computer says the zip file is invalid.
  10. By the way, I thought you may want to know, your mod doesn't work anymore. First night is a full moon but it's pitch black like normal. Also your download is defective.
  11. Okay, i need help again. Latest hotfix, it isn't working; i have changed in the tuning the basic (wilson) sanity to 300, and tried to do *1.667 sanity for Wendy to get her to 500. HOWEVER, it stayed at 300 so i changed it to *2 and it still stayed at 300. Now what did i break?[EDIT]Okay, so, now my sanity goes to what it should be (600) when it decreases.How do i make it show 600 sanity constantly instead of only when its being hurt by nighttime?
  12. I want to make the sleeping bag last more than 1 night (preferably 4) and would like someone to help/tell me what functions to add and remove to do it, it kinda confused me due to how unique the sleeping bag's functions are.Also, please no generous people doing it for me, i want to learn how to do it myself to lower the amount of requests i make on the forums for help.
  13. Yes, mimes have a problem. They go insane very easily.
  14. Ditto. I had a single world as Wilson when the update hit. 72 days, Hounds came, i used the wormhole to go to my pig village but that reduced my sanity too much and i couldn't fight with all the squiggilies, and when i respawned the shadows spawnkilled me.
  15. So everyone has issues?I cant wait for Webber, he will have most issues. Wilson's fault.