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Actually we won it first time we face the boss

He is like a boxer, half damage received, heavy damage

1. His movement sets are hit and running towards a player, defending just like a boxer

2. Use 2 tanks at a time, switch tanks after each heal!

3. Healer use garland and if u r wicker, use buff + Garland ALL THE TIME

4. Repeat


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I've heard it's due to his long combo or due to his guard, but yea, he takes longer to sleep

He apparently does slams in response to heal that will break his guard when low, so use that to sleep him by casting heals right on tank alternating him that moment

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I had my first win against him today! It was everyone's first time seeing him, so it was pretty intense, but we pulled it off! Proud of my team, they were all amazing

As for strategy...we were all pretty confused and up against a new enemy, so we were trying to get our bearings. Petrify + heal circle combo makes him fall asleep when he breaks out, I've found. The parry is essential, and Woodie becomes a secondary tank. If a lot of people die, have someone drag swineclops to the other side of the map (at one point wilson died and we still pulled it off due to this).

Screen Shot 2018-11-23 at 6.43.18 PM.png

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