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Drops not working despite correct Klei, Steam, Twitch account linked.

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1 minute ago, Tapirus said:

Are you looking for "Thermal Strength Measurer", right?

That skin was not released yet, wait until Klei devs show a post about it.

Yes, but it says that i have 7 new drops. I've only recieved about 3 and those were all in-game.

1 minute ago, Daniel86268 said:

Did you watch a stream that has the drops enabled tag? Skins only drop on those streams.


(My computer language is German, so the screen is german, but it should look about the same on english or whatever other language you have.)

Yes, i did.

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  • Developer

Did you link two or more Klei accounts to one twitch account? Maybe twitch sent some of those 7 drops to your PS4 account and some to your steam account for example. In general the twitch drops metric is not 100% reliable, there are several scenarios like the one I described which could make the number not quite right.

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